hospital friday and saturday night


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Sep 2, 2005
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hiya girls. not been around or on msn because i was in hospital friday night and they released me saturday night at 22:30(why they didnt leave me til the morning i dont know:mad:) anyway i just went to get a drink and next thing i knew i was in the back of an ambulance, my BP went sky high but my urine and everything else was fine. baby was fine all the while i was there anyway ive left not knowing what caused me to pass out.

has anybody else passed out during pregnancy and not known why?

Hows everyone elses weekend been?

Love Amy xx
oh my god hunni how r u feeling now - i had high BP in the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy but never passed out i spent a day in hospital and they wanted me in over nite but didnt have a bed - the good news tho is my high BP was the reason i had such a quick labour so maybe u may have a quick labour.
had u been doind to much that day or a couple of days before - i did start to wonder if ud had the baby - take it easy
loads of love sarah and braydon
dunno if u got it but my msn address is [email protected] if u need to tlk

Aww that sucks, i havent passed out yet but in Aungust i nearly did when i walked ten min in the heat, but either then that nope, when i feel dizzy i sit down right away, no matter where i am, usually i get dizzy shoppin.
I hope you feelin okay and take it easy, although i say that and ive been over doin it myself.
Well talk to you soon hun

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