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Holding the bottle by themselves


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Jan 15, 2007
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What age do babies genrally begin to do this? The reason I ask is because other babies I know have done it at around 4 and a half to 5 months but Jake isnt showing any signs of it yet. He will pull the bottle or your hands close but if you try to get him to take it he just lets it drop.

I love the time we spend together feeding and will miss that when he does begin to feed himself but Im also looking forward to giving him his bottle so I can get my tidying up done.
Maddison started to hold her bottle a couple of weeks ago but sadly after abit (10 secs) she too will let it drop like jake does .

She always puts her hands on my hands or on the bottle when i feed her and she also pulls the teet close to her mouth or shoves my hands so the teet get by her mouth.

I can understand what your saying about getting the tidying up done

only just noticed there is a day between them :)
Leif can hold his bottle up for a few seconds but wont do it, he prefers to let you hold it.
Dylan hasn't been bottle fed but started holding a cup with handles a few weeks ago although he has got lazier again and wants mommy to hold it
Willow will hold her own juice cup but she wont hold her bottle she only has 2 a day 1 when she wakes and 1 before bed so i think she uses me or OH as a bit of comfort and i dont mind .
Ryan will hold his bottle by himself once it's halfway down... it seems a bit heavy for him with 200ml in but after he's been burped halfway through the feed he's happy and able to hold it. I don't leave him alone yet though of course, I still hold the bottle myself, but it's useful if I want to lean over to pick up his dummy/bib and he can hold it for himself for a little bit.

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