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Jun 3, 2007
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I am having MASSIVE problems getting on the forum. It has taken me since 8am to get here today. I sometimes can get on, but then cant move a page, or its all frozen or I'm just not alowed on.....any ideas?

Its been happening for days, I'm almost to the point of needing medication. :wall:

Robin swears its not our computer as everything else works...... :think:
i dont know hun but thought i'd say mine working fine so are you sure not your connection or something? xx
The same had been happening to me. Sometimes it's fine, like now but other times it just freezes or takes agess to get to the page I wanted. :? Only been happening past 3/4 days :?
Mines been slow. I thought it was my laptop being rubbish.
Well I'm pleased its not just me being mad. Do you think its been since it changed or is it just coincidence? Chezzabel said she couldnt get on this morning either.... :think:

I just cant be stuck at home all day all alone without the forum......
its happened to me twice now once last week it think nad today i just have to come back later and iv gor nothing else running
Nope... it's been happening to me too.. DH said it's the internet connection but I live in a different country with a different internet provide... so figure that one out... :think: Then DH said it must be microsoft.. but he blames everything on Mircosoft atm.. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
Sorry girls I've only just come back on the forum after a busy couple of weeks. Urchin did tell me about this on the day it happened, and I checked on that day but I was able to connect fine with no problems.

Is anyone still having a problem? There aren't any server issues at the moment and so hopefully it was just a one-off blip on that day :think:

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