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i do not know yet what sex i am having but i want a name that is different but not to far out there - i liked brandon for a boy but my m8 just had a baby and called it brandon so feels weird calling my baby brandon! i like the name madison for a girl and mckenzie for a boy but feel like i need more ideas so if anyone can help me PLEASE do lol :p
me and OH decided on the name Brandon before I even fell pregnant! We all obviously have taste :wink:

mcenzie is a cool name - and I love the name Madison. I think they are really nice hun.
Hi, I'm not preg yet (ttc) but I write down names I like every time I hear one, so I thought I'd share; GIRLS - Thalia, Pheobe, Jewell, Thea, Jemima, Ruby, Frankie, Heidi, Biba + Naya.
BOYS - Theo, Jett, Max, Rex, Renny, Noah, Luca, Jackson, Logan, Rafferty, Coby, Vaughn, Finlay. I know some are bit outthere! Hope there's something you like. xx

I'm 17+ weeks pg and have lots of baby name books but don't like any of the names in them. I wanted to ask if any of you know some baby name websites? The last one I visited was full of pop ups and we got a virus on our pc so I am hesitant to browse the net looking for websites now.

The only names I have in mind are Sonny for a boy and Jessica (Jess) for a girl. Not very unusual I know lol

Thanks in advance

Hi Guy's!!

This is mainly a message for all those of you thinking of Madison. It's a lovely name but if you want a slightly unusual name then don't go for it.
I was looking on a website the other day and apparantly by 2008 they reckon it'll be the most popular girls name in the UK.
I will try and relocate the site and put a direct link on here xxx
Good Luck all!! I'm still pondering over boys names although definately having Phoebe for a girl unless we have a red head (they run in the family) in which case we'll have to choose another name as I don't think Phoebe would suit a red head!!
Are we all going mad?!!!

That would be great if you could post a link to that site and I also think Phoebe is a lovely name. Unfortunately we took in a rescue kitten last year and named her Phoebe after friends (she was a bit of a smelly cat) lol

I wish I had saved the name for a baby girl!


I have already got my girls name sorted i love Lydia, i did like Indea but my boyfriend hates it (miserable).

For a boy i like Lewis, Jamie, Kian pronounced Key-un (thats my favourite)

Feel free to have any of these if u like them.

Hi jo jo, My bestfriends little boy is called Kian and he's beautiful. I love the name!!!!!! :D

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