Has anyone had a baby with their head measuring too small?

Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by baby.3, Jul 9, 2019.

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    So my little girl, Darcie, is 6 weeks old today and had her health visit check yesterday. She did all her measurements, plotted them then asked to remeasure her head. She showed me the red book. She explained that it is common/normal for head measurements to be 2 percentile difference between measurements, but Darcie had a 4 percentile difference. She told me not to worry and to just mention it at my baby's 6 - 8 week check at the doctors. However, I've just received a text message that basically says i need to ring the GP surgery to see about making an appointment. She messaged to say she had plotted the measurements on there system and there is a 'more noticeable difference between measurements'.

    Darcie is measuring on the 99th percentile for length, and only the 9th percentile for her head...so total opposite ends of the chart.

    Has anyone come across this with their babies and what happened? Trying not to panic and staying away from google, but i'm driving myself insane!

    Thanks xxx
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    Don’t have any experience of this but thinking about it logically with babies height being over the 90th percentile sounds like they are going to be very tall so it could be that they have a longer more narrow head if that makes sense, some tall people tend to be quite narrow all over? How does she seem in general, like a typical 6 week old baby? (Although it’s hard to gage development at only 6 weeks old) I honestly wouldn’t worry if there’s nothing else about her which worries you (if that makes sense!) x
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    Ugh, I hate it when they make you worry like that! They did the same with my DD! In the beginning, her head was too small (she was a premie!) Then when she was 18 months, the nurse at the health check up, made a big fuss on how her head was waaay too big and I needed to see a doctor! She even printed out the charts with the measurements and a her comments. Honestly, I never went to go see a doctor, I didn't even mention it when I did go see one for something else. Then at the 24 month check up, the doctor told me the nurse had grossly exaggerated the results. So I would take it with a pinch of salt. Wait until your next check up and see what they say. I wouldn't worry about it, I think they like to scare people.:lol:

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