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Apr 16, 2007
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Does anyone one know if it's ok to dye my hair, haven't done it for almost 8 months and could really do with a colour. It would be one of the home dyes.
Im not sure, i know bleach is no. Ask your midwife.
Mind you when i wrote down my allergies, one of those is hair dye and she said stay away from it then when preggers. :lol:
I dyed my hair a few weeks back.... I'm naturally blonde but go almost black.

Apparently the thing that causes most allergic reactions in people (pregnant and non pregnant alike) is a chemical that is found in darker dyes.

As far as I am aware they like to keep the dye away from the scalp, so go to a hairdresser so they can do that for you...however there have been no documented or official scientific confirmations that dying your hair while pregnant is harmful.... women have been doing it for years with no ill effects...

Also as far as I am aware, the documentation and studies have only shown that there may possibly be a slight risk to a developing foetus in the first trimester if there is any risk at all as that is when any chemicals absorbed during the dying procedure will have the most impact.

I think at this stage you should be alright..

Although on another note... your hair and skin are now different due to the increase in hormones... so you may be more sensitive to the chemicals, increasing your risk of an allergic reaction (no more so than using any other household chemicals or beauty products).. also as you know your skin and hair texture change, so while you may have always dyed you hair a particular colour that may not be the colour your hair takes on now.. You might end up with green hair or something :shock:
According to my mate who's a hairdresser (and a mum), dying your hair is fine. She did her own when pregnant and did mine last week.
Ive had my hair dyed at hairdressers a few times while preg, they say its fine & ive never had any reactions or anything :)
im a hairdresser and its ok to dye your hair with a normal toner but dont use bleach or perm as the bleach will probely go green and the perm just wont work. but normal hair dye isnt dangerous to you or your baby. :)
if you go to a hairdresser they can use a lower % than the stuff you buy in the shops :D

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