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Had dating scan yesterday :)


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Jun 10, 2007
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Hi All

Had my dating scan yesterday. It went really well.

I had decided for some reason that something would be wrong. So, when everything was fine, I had a cry lol.

The scan put me two days ahead of my LMP due date. It says I am due 9th July.

I am really pleased that stage one has gone well. Good luck to all those who have scans coming up.

Sophs xxx
I hope you dont mind me asking but did you have to pay for that scan because i have been told that my first scan will be between 16/18 weeks... seems so far away...
Hi :)

Don't mind you asking at all.

I am from Birmingham. The protocol here is a scan between 10 and 16 weeks I believe.

I made the appointment with the hospital 5.5 weeks ago. My GP gave me one of those new forms where you phone up, give the hospital a pass word and pin number and get an appointment.

You should check the protocol of different hospitals in your area. Some only do one scan I think. The one I am under do the early dating scan. On the 25th feb I have the 20 weeks scan.

Hope that kind of answers lol :)
I think it depends on the area sunshine_gal. At my local hospital you have it from 12-14 weeks then again at 20wks. I had one at 7wks but that was cause I had a doctors referal. Your best to speak to your midwife who will confirm your hospitals procedure. Gotta love the NHS

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