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Going to nursery


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Jan 15, 2007
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Jake will be starting nursery in about 3 weeks and Im just wondering what he will need. Ive got him a little jungle book bag (£3 TK Maxx sales :wink: ) and Im gonna get some bottles just for using at nursery. Do I need to label everything and get name tags in his clothes. I remember my sister saying her DS "wasn't wearing that this morning" on a few occassions :?
at brays nursery i label everything, altho at times he still comes home with other kids clothes lol
I never labelled anything :oops: But she is one of the smallest there so I doubt anything of hers will fit anyone else anyway :rotfl:

Ruby has a big shoulder style carpet bag, I always put in 5 nappies, packet of wipes, a change of clothes (jeans, vest and top), 2 bottles with formula powder in pots and a bottle of juice. I have left a tub of Sudacreme there (had to sign to allow permission for them to use it) and thats it! They provide her food.

Oh, and she always takes a winter coat, hat and gloves incase they go outside

The girls in nursery said the other day that I am the most organised mummy they have, as I think of everything in my bag :rotfl: (she has suncream, sunglasses and sun hat in the summer)

Get it organised and packed ready the night before :wink:

Good luck, I am sure he will LOVE it :cheer: Ruby has made so many little friends, she adores them!!!!

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