Getting my toddler to poo on the loo

Discussion in 'Ask a Mum!' started by MrsP42, Feb 1, 2016.

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    Hoping for some advice on how others have managed....

    My 2.5 yo has been dry since last summer no accident through the day. Still has the night -time nappy but I am pretty relaxed about that as she will be dry through the night when her body is ready.

    The battle (and I am aiming for it not to be) is pooing on the toilet, happily asks for and goes for a wee but no poos.....there has been the odd occasion when she has managed it and I have heaped on praise and told her how clever she is and she love flushing it away and we say bye bye poo but there is no consistency. I tried yesterday evening not putting a nappy on until she went to bed and we tried having a sit on the loo but nothing....I know if I had put a nappy on she would have disappeared and come back wanting to be changed as she would have had a poo...

    Just some thoughts on how you mums got round this.....

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