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For those of you who thought my avatar was a dolphin


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Oct 26, 2006
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Is this any clearer? Honest answers please...
LOL the first time i saw your old one i thought it was a dolphin holding a handbag. Much clearer now :rotfl: :rotfl:
miles clearer now.. even when someone pointed out that it wasn't a dophin on your last one i still kept seeing dolphin. Now I see stalk xxxxx
much better - I still saw a dolphin even when I knew it wasn't there
Actually if you squint at it, it looks liek the number 32....which is my age...spooky! :shock: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Only kidding babes its a lovely avatar and definitely a stalk with a baby :D
i can see its a stork- but only vaguely remember ur old one i cant imagine a dolphin now?!
I was sat there for about 2 mins squinting trying to make it look like the dolphin again and thought I must be going mad until I realised you must've changed it :rotfl: :rotfl:

Its definately clearer but I like the old one, its like an illusion :D

waaaw i always thought it was a dolphin :oops:

new ones lovely hun :rotfl:
pmsl, I drew them myself so I guess, I knew what they were supposed to be all along. I'm so embarrassed. You must have all been thinking - Okay, it's the wierd dolphin girl again :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
I thought it was a dolphin too, but pretty nonetheless. People have weirder ones than dolphins :)

It's lovely hun x
Spot on! You can definitely tell it's a stork and baby now!
Awww I'm gonna miss that dolphin :)

Love your new one, you are very talented :D

I've squinted at it, looked away then back quickly, stood on my head, ok I didnt stand on my head :oops: and it looks like a stork and a baby 100%.
show us the dolphin one again cos i cant remember it proper lol

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