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Exercising During Pregnancy and PCOS

Little miss pink

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Sep 22, 2006
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Hi everyone

Before i got my BFP, to try and control my PCOS and the easy weight gain that kindly comes with it, I was running (strenuously) for 40 minutes and excercising (stretching, 170 stomach crunchs, squats etc etc) for a further 30 minutes, 4 times a week and i was also limiting my carbs & fat intake because if i so much as looked at a slice of bread i would balloon. And all of this just to stay at a size 12 at best (could never get below that). :wall: :wall:

Since i got by BFP and my cyst (6cm) i was told to cut out the stomach exercises and make my run less strenuous so that i could talk all the way round. And all the books i have read say that carbs are an essential part of a healthy pregnancy diet. :roll: But i have gone up to a size 14 from doing all of this already and i'm only 8 weeks pregnant and its really depressing me.... :cry: :cry: And to top it off after my run last night i went really dizzy and faint and felt really sick and also got some cramps. I talked all the way round and really didn't push myself.

Has any one else had this after excersising while pregnant? Any Advice?

Obviously the health of my bean is the most important thing but i also don't want to get stressed and depressed by my weight and if i now have to cut out running my PCOS is gonna win :cry:

I'm due to run again tonight but i'm worryed after last night it was my bodies way of warning me not to - what do you think

(sorry this is so long just wanted to explain it properly :oops: )

aww hunni, sorry to hear this. another lifestyle change eh? when my oh and i started this, we didnt realise quite how restrictive our lives would become :( but i wouldnt change it now.

Have you tried swimming? im not atm, but planning going back in 2nd tri...

Re: the dizziness, have you had your iron levels checked? maybe they are a bit low...
thats a catch 22. I would try to keep some excercise going but you might not be able to do the running just as much, maybe just fast walking. but definately nothing like sit ups.

Thats a real shame

take care
dont worry about PCOS durring pregnancy , it can even disapear :)
hey honey

i've got pcos too and completely empathise... pre-pregnancy i struggled to stay size 12-14 on a diet of lettuce leaves (that's what it felt like anyway) and i only had to sniff carbs or sugar for my weight to rocket.

anyway, since getting pregnant, its all changed. i'm not sure if i'm just lucky in this respect, but my metabolism is back to what it used to be when i was a teenager and i've actually been losing fat whilst gaining baby weight. i'm also indulging far more in chocolate etc (baby is demanding junk food!
:roll: :rotfl: ) and loving every minute of the freedom.

i know if my pcos is as bad after birth as it was before it, that it could take me a very long time to lose my baby weight, but you have to remember that your LO is the most important thing. i'm planning on breastfeeding cos, apart from anything else, it keeps your metabolism up.

there's every chance that your size gain is down to bloating & water retention rather than fat. i couldn't fit in any of my pre-pregnancy trousers by about 9 weeks! just eat a healthy balanced diet (despite the increase in occassional junk food, i still mainly stick to organic low GI foods) and eat stuff like quinoa rather than the bad carbs.

honestly hon, i've found being pregnant really liberating. rather than look in the mirror every day and seeing a fat person staring back at me, i now see a large pregnant bump and huge boobs and i LOVE it! i've started wearing tight tops rather than the empire line stuff i used to hide under, and i've even got a pair of skinny jeans, which i wouldn't have been seen dead in before!

take it easy on the excercise, eat what you want (within reason) and enjoy being pregnant.

Hi Everyone :wave:

Thanks for all the supporting messages. I decided not to run last night just in case and i'm going to mention it to my Midwife at my appointment this lunchtime to see what she suggests with it all.

I think the answer will probably be to find a less strenuous exercise.

Its kind of reassuring to hear about other girls with similar problems i cannot explain it but it does help so thanks!!

Fingers crossed the appointment goes well :pray:

I am going through the same exercise anxieties that you are. I play netball competitively, and the moment I found out I was pregnent I lost all will to play (I know that sounds pathetic)!

I have tried just playing a quarter of the match (15mins) but I like you start to get back ache, really tired and though I don't get stomach cramps I get very aware of my growing tum! :oops: So I have stopped my matches a couple of weeks ago and have only got 2 more training sessions (which I won't do alot at) then I will stop and try and switch to swimming, aquanatal and yoga etc. Why don't you try something similiar, wont have the same effect as running but you'll still get a bit of a cardio with the water stuff, and will help muscles tone aswell, without straining your body too much!! :D

Sorry to waffle on!! been away all week, so Im making up for it now!!!

Let us know what you do hun
The key thing is not to raise your heartbeat above 120 bpm and don't let your body temp get too high. Something like swimming is probably best I should think.

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