Dopplers, any advice?


Apr 27, 2005
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I have bought a doppler from ebay, and was wondering if there was any particular technique in using it?? I'm a little nervous that I won't be able to find the heart beat so any advice would be appreciated.


I know from watching my midwife checking my babies heartbeat, she was checking right down just above my bikini line. (which suprised me) She didnt find it until 17 weeks though, so dont be disheartened or worried if you cant.

Also the first thing you will hear is your own pulse (thats so easy to find) The babys heart beat is twice as fast.

Good Luck

Ragna xxxxxxxxx
we bought a doppler

they are good fun to use

just run it around your belly till you find an actuve spot :)
I bought one from ebay as well. I think its the best thing ever.
Try putting it just above your pubic line that where i found my babys heartbeat. First heard it at 11 wks when we recieved it. Listen to it most nights as well.
Gets a bit scarey sometimes as we can hear two heartbeats, plus my heartbeat. Myheartbeat is obvously slower but the other two are really fast, we just keep telling ourselves no theres only one in there all the scans have said so, so far.
I reckon it is mine but hey you never know. LOL
Rooander - could it be your placenta? I read that beats the same as the babies but has a slightly different sound.

I get worried sometimes that it's not the babies I can hear, but the placenta. Hopefully when I hear it at the midwifes next week it will confirm it for me :)
Hearing my babies heart beat is amazing, how much does it cost to buy a Doppler???

Natalie x
Rosieroo, you could be right, i never thought of that. Have got my 21 wk scan in august and cant wait.

Newbump, I bought mine on ebay for £46 but somewhere i read that they can cost brand new from about £100 upwards. But I do know there are alot of companies that hire them out.

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