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Couple of things...


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Jul 1, 2007
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hello all, how are you doing?? well ive hit the big 30 and getting nervous!! :pray:

got my first antinatal class on 11th jan, midwife check up that morning too.
i recently had a glucose test just before xmas so curious on the results as im sooo soooo tired all the time, struggle to get up for work at 8.00, im only working part time atthe mo so im home about 2pm but i need 2 or 3 hours sleep then. il wake up about 5ish and have food then bed about 10pm all the way through to 8.00. is this normal???? been like this since 2nd tri.
totally lost appitite aswell but i guess thats due to lack of space in there but im constantly thirsty! im talking throat dry within 20 mins of a drink thirsty. i have to carry a bottle of water around with me everywhere. the thirst ive had from day 1 but it went within a couple of weeks but returned recently.

also on a good note, i think i felt babys hicups yesturday. it was quite fast, almost like a heart beat that i could feel twitching away in my tum but only lasted couple of mins. is this hicups?
baby is VERY active!! ive felt him/her since week 16 but all day i get constantly booted around lol. if the OH cuddles me across tummy then baby will kick his arm constantly :rotfl:
I'm constantly thirsty too... It gets quite annoying... and my appetite has never been very impressive throughout my pregnancy... although I have to say I hit about 34 weeks and became quite hungry... which was about the time the baby started putting on loads of weight.
Hi Louise :)

Everything you have mentioned sounds normal to me hun. I started my maternity leave on christmas eve but had stopped working a full day a couple of weeks before that because I was so tired!

I also seem to be very thirsty and drink loads of water :shock: I lost my appitite a few weeks ago but it seems to have returned now :shock: Maybe baby is starting to gain weight making me more hungry?
that sounds just like me every bit of it :rotfl:

my blood tests came but n i was low on iron (whitch can cause major tiredness) but ive just got on the iron tablets feel better allready :)

oh ur due on the same day as me :) how kool lol :cheer:

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