cot bed bargain!


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Jul 5, 2005
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ebay rules :) im not even p/g yet haha but hey, I couldn't resist this bargain! A second hand mothercare cotbed, in fantastic condition, everything included, will last until baby is 5-6 years, with matress(will get new matress anyway)headboard and sheets, AND delivery all for £50.. what a bargain. Its arrived and its fantastic! looks brand new still. im very pleased with my impulse buy.. god bless ebay :D *mwah*the pics dont do it justice, but its really fantastic! I didnt see the point in buying a cot, when you would only need to shell out for a single bed in a couple of years anyway, so ive saved myself alot of money in the longrun


I've kitted out the majority of my nursery from Ebay. Just bought a new breast pump and new V Tech Walker toy thing for when she's older. We got our cot, pram, mattresses for cot and crib, crib, car seat, car seat base, changing bag, raincover all new from Ebay and saved ourselves a fortune :D
isnt it great! eee i love ebay. You can get baby clothes in bulk from babies that never wore them or wore them once for well cheap. I think i saw 8 baby gro's, 2 bibs, 3 rompers, winnie the pooh hat, and 3 pairs of booties, all different ages newborn-6months for £12, and that was at the end of its bid, i think it started at 99p. Im so silly to be looking so soon, i might not ever conceive, but I have the money now.. so hey.. ill grab a bargain when i see one, if i dont conceive then it will make a great gift for a pregnant friend :) lol.... now im gonna search for dopplers haha!

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