Constant Cramps in Early Pregnancy


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Jun 4, 2005
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Hello everyone,
I am 5 weeks pregnant. This is my first ever pregnancy so I have no idea what I should or should not be feeling!
I have got mild cramping which is pretty much constant in my lower abdomen. Feels like period pain.
Has anyone else experienced these cramps on a continuous basis? I've had them for the past week.
I've scared myself to death by reading about ectopic pregnancy and am looking for some reassurance!
Thanks in advance!

yes I did- from really early on until about 8 weeks. I thought it would never stop but it did! I had them on and off all day but they were never bad enough for me to consider taking paracetamol or anything- not really painful, just uncomfortable. There are a lot of other earlier posts about this so I think it must be pretty common. Unless you're really worried, in pain or there's blood I wouldn't worry :) it's apparently just your uterus stretching.

Thank you so much for your reassurance.
It's terrible - my anxiety is running out of control!
Everyone says 'what will be, will be' but that's easy to say!
Anyway, thanks a million!

i had those cramps for ages. at first i did not even beleive i was pregnant because they were like period pains and they lasted for weeks. i still have some from time to time but very small ones.
It is normal you feel like this, apparently it is because your body is adjusting to the transformations happening inside. but if your cramps are really painful, go and check with your GP for reassurance.
hope it did help.

Thank you so much Nathalie.
The cramps are very mild so I'm hoping that I'm just being over-anxious!
I'll keep an eye on things and call my doctor if the pain gets any worse.
Thanks for your reassurance!

I had awful cramps until this week (now 7w4d). Saw my midwife who said it was a sign that the baby was implanting well and only to worry if I started bleeding. I too didn't think I could be pregnant because of them.

Just relax and everything will be fine.

Hi all

Just wanted to let you know I had quite a lot of discomfort early on (from around 6 weeks) - twinges, cramping etc. Basically it came down to my bowels cramping as I was constipated, and the hormone relaxin causing my ligaments to stretch.

The pains were mild and there was no bleeding, otherwise I would definitely have got them checked out.


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