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Apr 27, 2005
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just been for my c section check in.

got to be in at 7.30 on monday. i am the only one so far to have a c section so i will be in the operating theatre at 9.00.

computer still not on at home, but the fault apparently is the bt line, they are coming next friday.

so take care everyone and speak to you soon.

Hi davina!
wanted to wish you GOOD LUCK for monday! we have been wondering how you are.
Let us know how things go xx
Good luck honey......can't wait to hear all about it.

Will be thinking of you all day!!
Good luck and im soooooooooo jealous that its nearly all over for u lol!

Nice to hear from you. l wish you all the best for the c section on monday morning, l will be thinking of you.

Fluffy. xx :lol:
good luck hun!

hope to hear from you soon

Hopefully we will hear something soon!!!!

L x
oooh, by now you'll have your baby in your arms!!! how exciting! (i want mine now, we did share the same due date didn't we? only you went and cheated and brought yours out through the sunroof!! lol :lol: ) can't wait to hear news!
Looking foward to hearing from you Davina!!!! - I may have to have a 'C' section so any advice or info on it would be great

Best wishes

L x

Good luck on your c-section i just had one on the 16th after being 9 and a half cm, it was the worst thing for me because i did not want an epidural did the rest with just gas and air., and they had to hold me down, and it takes so long to recover its harder to get to baby.
Thats just my opiniom though because im used to doing everything to not much cuz of the pain but it is slowly gertting better.
I just hope you have better views about them then i do...
Wish you luck nad let us know how it goes.
xxx Katrina :D
Sorry to hear you had a bad time of it - I suppose we all have different experiences but its good to hear about all of them!

I spoke to someone at the hospital yesterday and they really put my mind at rest and said that it maybe that a cesearan wont be neccessary so I instantly feel better. I just have to wait and see what happens nearer the time.

Thanks for your reply though.

L x
hi all

I had liam reece by c section on the 23 january, have posted in the new arrivals.


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