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May 21, 2005
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How much weight does your bf baby put on per week (average)? Oscar has been gaining 7oz per week, but seems like slow weight gain to me. Your opinion?
Emilia xx

ps. I'm not worried, but folk comment all the time on how small he is (11lbs). He is 63cm long and in 3-6 mth clothes because he's tall.
Hiya Emilia

I wouldn't be too concerned if I were you - A 7oz gain is great! - Some weeks Ky has only had a gain of 3oz, but the important thing is that they are gaining weight and not losing it (Even that can be ok at times).

My little boy is breastfed and has gone through phases of gaining weight rapidly and slowly. He is now 6 months old and 17lb 5oz and I only get him weighed every two weeks now because his weight gain has slowed significantly. At 10 weeks he weighed 12lb 6 and 3 weeks later he had only gone up to 13lb 11 - So not a massive weight gain, but as he's continued to track his growth charts along the 50th percentile, neither I or my health visitor was too concerned.

Keep up the good work, your doing a great job!
Sopunds about right for what I was told, hun, the weight gain should be about an ounce a day.

Hi Emilia

When I get Olivia weighed the HV tell me that for BF babies 4-8oz weight gain per wk is average. Olivia has been gaining 7/8 oz also so think Oscar is about right.

63cm - he is going to be a tall lad isn't he!?

Lucy x
Thanks for all your reassuring views. :wink:
Emilia xx

i dont have Kiara weighed each week but at birth she was 9 pounds 6 ounces, the leavin hospital she was 8 pounds 8 ounces, and 3 weeks ago she was 11 pounds 4 ounces, so im guessing shes over 12 now which is good and is in 3 months and medium clothes now.
Not to worry im sure hes doing great .
Katrina :D
I also worry about this. Seren's weight gains have been as follows

3 weeks - 10lb 2oz
4 weeks - 10lb 13oz
5 weeks - 11lbs 1/2oz
6 weeks - 11lbs 11oz
7 weeks - 12lb 3oz
8 weeks - 12lbs 91/2oz
9 weeks - 12lbs 12oz
11 weeks - 13lb 5oz

Her weight has slowed down loads recently. At birth she jumped from the 75th centile to the 91st and she has now gone back down. HV isn't worried about her so shall see how it goes. I have been told too that anything from4 - 8oz a week also so Oscar's weight gain is spot on. Seren is also going to be a tall one, at 8 weeks she was 60.5cm :shock:
Sounds fine to me Abi was 47cm and 6lb 2 born she was 5 weeks early she is now 6 months and today she weighed 14lb 5 and is 64cm :)
Ella seems to gain just over an oz a day. I'm getting her weighed today for the first time in a fortnight so shall see if she's still following that.

She seems quite a big girl though, she was 6lb 8.5oz at birth and was 12lb 12.5oz at 10 weeks. She's also been in 3-6 months clothes for about 1 week to 10 days as they seem more comfy on her.
I'm weighing Brody on Thursday....2 weeks go he weighed 14lb 10oz.

His weight gain has been quite steady, I think he's about the 75th centile.
Do you weigh your little ones weekly or every fortnight
Jazz187 said:
Do you weigh your little ones weekly or every fortnight

Not more than once a fortnight really, it depends how busy I am and if I have any other issues I want to discuss with my HV.

Brody is my second though, with my first I lived at the clinic :lol:
Ella put on 17oz since I got her weighed a fortnight ago. She's now 13 lb 13.5oz, the big fat chugger!
lol Rosieroo she's nearly as heavy as Abi whi is 6 months . I get her weighed every 2 weeks
We had our checks today, and Charlotte has lost 7oz :shock:
The doctor wasnt worried at all, but I AM! She's now only 7lb 6oz.
She only gets up once in the night for a feed, do you think i should wake her and feed her??? Poor little babe, im s=feeling like its my fault.
Hi Hels

Its not your fault hun about Charlie's weight loss, plase dont worry because the doc would've told you if they were concerned.

Does Charlie feed often during the day?

How's it going with the bottles - is she taking them any better now?

Lucy x
yeah hun bottles are going well, tho boobie is still 1st choice!
Thanks. xxxxxxxx
Rebecca got weighed today-she is 7 weeks tomorrow and weighs a whopping 12lb 3.5oz! At her 6 week appointment she measured 58/59cm, Dr said she is going to be a tall girl! Im 5ft 11 and daddy is 6ft 1, so she is going to be BFG!


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