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    Ok so I know I posted about this before but any advice?
    We tried swapping Mia to breakfast then bottle which resulted in her not taking a lot of milk but eating porridge for the first time ever with enthusiasm!! But after a few days she wanted her milk first. So we are back to struggling to get her to eat her porridge/weetabix. This morning she had two spoonfuls (not willingly!!) and a chew on some toast and quite a lot of fruit. Also 5oz of formula. I've tried spacing the milk and food and it doesn't make any difference and to be honest as I work I don't have all morning to spend feeding her. My hv has always said to keep them both together. I have now swapped to lunch then mid afternoon bottle and I have started giving a mid morning snack too. Do you think she's just not a breakfast person? She's never been keen on her morning bottle and has probably only ever took 7oz twice in her life. I'm just worried if she only eats fruit for breakfast as its not very balanced but I suppose she would eat the other stuff if she was hungry?!!
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    Hun, if she doesn't want breakfast & bottle together i'd try seperating them. Jack never drank more than 2oz for his first feed of the day but once we started weaning he loved his breakfast so i did breakfast then mid morning bottle, lunch, mid afternoon bottle, dinner, evening bottle and then a top up bottle before bed. By 12 months he'd dropped the mid morning & afternoon bottle for small snacks and just had the bedtime bottle x
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    Cam has really dropped the amount of milk he's taking recently. I always get 4 oz into him through weetabix or porridge in the morning but other than that I can never gaurantee how much I'll get into him when i offer him his bottles, could be an oz or two could be five oz. I've decided to follow his lead, if he wants it he'll take it, if not then he won't. He's eating plenty of solids and is a happy chappy so I'm not going to worry.

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    For last week I've had problems getting LO to eat breakfast and I was giving both at the same time. He took bottle without a problem though. This morning I gave him 4oz bottle as soon as he got up at 7 and then at 8.15 gave him porridge and he took it all no question. :). He will get mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon bottle, dinner and then bottle(s) before bed. Sometimes he takes top up bottle before bed sometimes not and sleeps 8-10 hours.

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    Cay's only just started weaning a coupla weeks now, but he's on three meals a day.

    I've never given him food and milk together, but his milk feeds have always been regular right from early on.

    He has a couple of oz around 6am,
    porridge at around 8/8:30,
    8oz at 10am,
    Half a jar baby food and half a jar of fruit pudding at 12,
    8oz at 2pm,
    Half jar of baby food and half jar of choccy pudding at 4pm
    9.5 oz around his bath at 6pm (some before, rest after), then bed.
    He usually wakes once early morning (1-2am) for another 4oz.

    I feel like all I do is feed him :D
    He cries if he doesn't get his food though, but won't take his milk with it. We started weaning with milk feeds, but he wasn't interested, so ended up with what we have there. Xx

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