Bleeding with the coil

Discussion in 'Postnatal Questions' started by nik106, Jan 7, 2012.

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    Hi everyone,

    I know its been a long time since i've been on, but life has been a bit hectic since my little one joined our family.

    I only had bleeding after giving birth for 2 weeks, most of it very light and didn't have my first period until lo was 7 weeks old. At 12 weeks, on 1st December, i had a mirena coil fitted having not had a period since the one at 7 weeks. I tested to make sure i wasn't pregnant and all tests came back negative, i have PCOS so i wasn't overly worried.

    I had some initial cramping when it was inserted and on 3rd of December i got another period. It was as it would normally be for 5 days, but on the 6th day, i still had very very light bleeding, either with fresh blood or dark brown old blood. Its been in 5 weeks and i'm still bleeding everyday to some extent. Sometimes its old blood and then i get cramping or an upset stomach and i get some more fresh blood before going back to old dark blood.

    Does anyone know if this is normal? I'm getting rather sick of it now, and my hubby certainly is as he thought the naughty cuddles ban would be lifted once i was suitably protected!

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