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Birthing Suite


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Oct 16, 2007
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:wave: Hi Everyone

Just arranged a tour of the labour ward and a Meet and Greet appointment with a midwife in the Ridgeway Birthing Centre at my hosp. I want to book into the Ridgeway Centre to have my baby, but found out the other day that if you have the slightest thing wrong with you, like high blood pressure, they won't accept you and you have to go to the labour ward :shock:

Anyone else having their baby at Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield?

Been to a back care class for preggie women today at hosp - it was very good. In fact, I though my antenatal classes were excellent too - the midwife really seemed to have a passion for her job.

Anyone had a horrible experience at antenatal classes?

hope you can give birth where you feel most comfortable. What's different at the centre to the hospital ward?
I'm hopefully having a home birth so again bp and general well being of mother and baby have to be tip-top- so plenty of rest, good food and follow all mw instructions.
good luck
The rooms in the Ridgeway Centre are decorated a bit like the rooms in your home, so it feels alot more relaxed, and less like a medical ward. They have alot more birthing pools etc in there than they do on the labour ward.

I have had a horrible experience in as much as it looks like i will not be having any classes. Apparently people have been ill and staff shortages blah blah blah....

I am annoyed as i was going to do the NCT classes and the midwife talked me out of it. She said it was a lot of money and that the classes they did were actually really good. :roll: I am sure they are good, but only really good when they actually do them :wall:

I think i woke up angry today :lol:

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