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Mar 24, 2005
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Hi guys,

Has everyone's belly button popped out?

Mine hasn't! thought it was going to a couple of times as it looked a little podgier than normal but it went back to normal again.

I haven't had the dark line from my belly button to the top of my pelvis either.......anyone else?

Also, I was looking at my belly button yesterday and inside it looked darker than normal, almost like a dry blood colour (it wasn't dry blood). Tried to have a look today but its too tight to see inside that deep.
Anyone else experienced this also?

Am I just weird????? :? :lol:
nope, none of the above for me either, so far! my BB is still very deep, i hope i don't get an outie! lol
No, my belly button is still an innie, but it does look rather different - deeper and wider than it used to be. My OH is convinced it acts like a loudhailer into my belly and always directs comments to the baby at it!

No linea nigra either...
but I'm due on monday!!!!! I guess its just not popping out!!!!
So far no outie for me, though I'm supposed to be bigger than I should be! According to the doctor, anyway.

It did get a little podgy a couple of weeks ago and lately it has started to get this little red patch around it...I think that is where I will start to get my first stretch marks...


You're just weird :wink: Only joking. I have that linea line or whatever but my belly button kept going in and out now it's kind of flat and has got darker as well - still no stretch marks though! They will appear next week I expect!

I have a very feint line ynder my bump but not that strong. My bellt button is flat when I lay down lol - got a little lump tho when I stand up lol
I want an outie!!! LOL.
No sign of it popping out yet tho :(
Think its so cue!
Nope mine didnt pop out, but did stretch!! now i have what seems like a big black hole in my belly!!! but hoping it will go back to normal soon!!! think it depeneds if you have an inny or an outy!!!
I always had an innie, but at 19 weeks it popped out and now looks like a little willy. It's horrendous, shows through my clothes! x

My belly button popped out with my first two and went back to normal after the births. it's threatened to pop out a couple of times this time but has just gone back to normal.

my belly button is still in tack and i also still have my belly ring in as well
Hi i left a post about the sticky out belly button on emma's diary a few months back, as i thought i was abnormal, lol, as my belly button hadn't popped out, it still hasn't and im 31+5, so don't think it's going to anytime soon either, but i love my bump so i spose it dont matter. lol.


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