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bad breath


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Dec 6, 2007
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For some reason i have had honkingly bad breath for the last week or so (according to my husband who wont now come near me without holding his breath).

My teeth are pretty much fine (simialr to pre pregnancy).

So i was wondering if anyone else had it or knows if there is any real reason?

I haven't been throwing up so that is not the reason. I like to solve it soon, it is costing me fortune in mint chewing gum.

It's hormonal I think hun - I used to get bad breath accompanying my PMT before I was pg and I've been more prone to it since I've been pg I think... avoiding dairy products really helps me, or brushing my teeth and tongue right after them - but remember that if you avoid them you'll need to take a calcium supplement! xxx
I thought it was just me :shock: I've had the same thing for the past couple of weeks. Didn't think it was that common though :think:
I think it could be hormonal too. I was the same and have been worried this past week as well since giving birth. I am spending all my time brushing my teeth, but it's not making much difference. :oops:

It will soon pass.
DH just asked what I was reading so I mentioned the bad breath thread and he said "well actually your's stinks too and has since around the time we found out you were pg" :shock: :oops:
Oh dear I am paranoid now too, will have to ask DH in the morning when he comes in off nights! I'd rather know if I was a stinky :wink:

Oh god whats that smell???

:rotfl: :rotfl:

im so sorry I just couldnt resist!! have you tried looking at your diet? It may not be nessarily smelly foods i mean but certain foods can cause your breath to smell?
I know that when my gums bleed ( another glorious pregnancy thing )that can make my breath smell :puke: I heave at my own morning breath and all I can taste is stale blood :rotfl: Arent we all so yummy and attractive :dance:

I just keep my teeth flossed, brush them regulary, after meals etc and use Cordysol mouthwash


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