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Anyone getting a bit routund????


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Nov 12, 2007
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Well I actually have a belly, although I do look like I've just eaten all the pies over Christmas which is annoying. I'm sure people are going to start noticing soon!

How is eveyone elses middles feeling?

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I've filled out again, not bump but just fatter which is lovely :lol: I think it's through lack of exercise for me beause I have to work really hard just to stay not so flabby. I an't wait for the bump to appear so it doesn't look like I am just getting fat again :lol:
I just have the bump, not got it anywhere else, went back to college yesterday and everyone was looking at me like a swallowed the whole of the turkey...lol.
i look like i have over eaten over christmas. My wiast is 5 cm bigger than pre preg and clothes are tight. but at this stage the baby is much lower down so it's not to blame (but it is making me eat more and that is what is to blame).

That's the thing, I know the baby is still so small but my apetite along with some serious sickness means I haven't gained a pound yet but my belly is really round. I think everything is moving upwards. I like my little bump though, I'll be getting a seat on the tube in no time! woohoo!
I haven't got a pregnant belly at all, I'm just fatter all over. I've put 6lbs on since getting pregnant but the reason for that is I put 3lbs on when I went on holiday and I put 3lbs on over christmas. I gain weight really easily so I'm going to have to be careful. I'm eating healthy again now and I've started doing 30 mins brisk walking a day.
I've always been quite an ample bird but last time I was pregnant (9 years ago) I lost all my appetite and lost 2 stone throughout my pregnancy! (They thought I had gestational diabetes so I was tested constantly). So far I've lost about 4lbs and that includes Christmas! Way hey!

No bump yet - still lost in my ample waist I think!

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