6.5 month old - how much milk?

Discussion in 'Weaning' started by becky85, Mar 13, 2016.

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    Hi ladies.

    For the last couple of weeks I've been trying to wean my little girl off breastfeeding to taking at least some formula. She doesn't take a bottle easily although occasionally she will and I've got the nuk bottle and sippy cup which seem to help. However she just doesn't seem interested in milk during the day at all. I breastfeed her in the morning and then try to give her formula mid morning and mid afternoon but she could not be less interested, the exception is if we are travelling and she is in the car seat - the she will take a bottle more easily. If I ever give in and breastfeed during the day she will sometimes have a good feed but often she is too distracted by what's going on around her and still isn't too bothered. I breastfeed her before bed again and then through the night if she needs. Her sleep has been all over the place for the last few weeks which I'm unsure is related to reducing breastfeeding or just coincidence. I tried giving her a dream feed from a bottle at 11pm last night and for the first time she did take a full 210 ml but today she has taken nothing again. She is eating three meals a day but won't let me spoon feed her easily anymore so I'm giving her more finger foods which she enjoys but I worry she isn't eating enough. She seems fine, very smiley and alert but I'm worried that she isn't having enough milk. Good old Google tells me she should still be having 20oz but if she is probably only having half to two thirds of that amount. I'm trying to give her yoghurt and rice pudding etc so she is getting a bit more milk that way too,

    My questions really is if anyone else has this trouble and if it's been a problem and what you did? I've found it quite difficult giving up breastfeeding but it is the right time to make sure she is settled by the time I go back to work but it's hard when she is choosing to have nothing rather than formula alternative. Is two feeds a day enough or should I be finding some other way to get more milk into her?

    Thanks x

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