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4 months today!


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Oct 8, 2007
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can't believe how quickly it's going by :cheer:

was just wondering when everyone started buying baby things etc?

we're moving 2 months before baby is due so can't do a nursery or anything and it will be a hassle moving a cot etc as well so i'm unsure what to do.

i don't know if i'm getting a 20 wk scan either, at my last scan the didn't mention it at all, but i know people at the same maternity have had one. do you think they will just send an appointment out?

i'm so excited!!! :cheer:
Woo congrats :cheer:

Re a 20 week scan, here its the MW/GP's surgery who books it, but I took it upon myself to book it as she was away and I didn't see her at 16 weeks. When I saw her afterwards, at 19 weeks she said it was fine to cal and book them myself and she never minded people doing so, in fact thought it was good if people were proactive. So if your MW doesn't book it, give your Ante natal a call and arrange it yourself :) I booked at 16 weeks, got the appiontment date through at 18 weeks for 20+4 :)

And re buying stuff, we haven't actually bought anything yet. No furniture, no clothes, nothing. We have been given some baby clothes and a cot, but other than that we are waiting a couple more months before shopping for most of the things we'll want. We move in the new year also so can't prepare the baby's room or anything till then. I'd say save your pennies and wait till you are in your own place, unless you have somewhere you can store larger things till then. But if you feel like buying the odd outfit or smaller thing then go ahead, its a lovely feeling to be cooing over baby clothes, booties and the little things.

Hubby and I visit the shops, have made our lists and will slowly start shopping from about February onward for the rest now :) We've also given a small list of things to parents as they said they would like to buy some baby things for us/baby and we didn't want to be getting the same things, so thought that us listing things would be better. They can also let the rest of the family know what we are needing/wanting also, so it'll all be useful stuff, should they wish to shop. I'd rather have practical things over clothes from people tbh, even if its something as simple as a teething ring, so it works for us :roll: :lol:

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