How did you all feel at 20/21 weeks


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Dec 17, 2005
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Hi, I'm sorry if these seems a bit of a strange question. I'm currently 14 weeks pg, and due to be a bridemaid for my sister in a couple of months. I'm really beginning to panic, what if I feel unwell, what if my feet swell and I can't get those tiny shoes on etc etc!! So basically I'm wondering how you all felt/feel at 20/21 weeks and it might help me make a decision. I do know everyone's different though. Thanks.

I felt great in myself at 20/21 weeks, my tiredness, sickness etc had all eased but I felt that I was at the in between stage and didn't look pg, just fat which really upset me (hormones prob had a lot to do with it!!) it was Christmas time too and everyone was getting dressed up in slinky strappy sparkly numbers and my clothes were all feeling tight :(

I am 27 weeks now and haven't had any swelling feet (yet!!) or other strange effects, am still feeling really well, so I am sure that you will be fine, hope that you enjoy the wedding! :D :D

Hi hedgehog,

I felt great didnt tire at all at 20-21 weeks and I find if I am out then I can last the night even now but if I am sitting in doors then my bed calls at 10.

I have a wedding when I am 38 weeks and I am dreading it, although I keep saying I will bopping about on the dance floor trying to bring labour on :lol:

Have a great one


I'm 20 weeks and I'm feeling fab. I went to a wedding recently and felt fine, a little tired towards the end of the day but nothing to stop me enjoying myself.

No swollen ankles or anything for me yet, everybody commented on how well I'm looking.

I agree with Lindsay though, I still feel at the looking fat stage rather than looking pregnant. My bump is still quite small but that said it's noticeable but it could be mistaken for a well rounded stomach if you didn't know I was preggers.

Hopefully you will be blooming as well at 20/21 weeks.
I had a bit of pants pregnancy all the way throughout, but from weeks 20 - 26 I felt good , was the only time I did!

have fun at the wedding! xx
Ditto Sami really, if your gonna go to a wedding thats the ideal time!!

At least your best friend didnt plan her wedding for 13th April 2006, 13 days after your due date. Mine did and duh if i get induced i'll be in labour then. (urges baby to come early!) :x

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