30 weeks!

I finish 26th jan :D I will be nearly 37 weeks!

Gonna get the last essential bits in the January sales then just get bits as I go. Fonna use any Xmas money to buy the other bits I need.

Reality has set in now, was wandering round matalan this evening and Pip was kicking away. It's very strange to be so close to the end, thinking I would never get to the beginning!
Its almost tomorrow therefore almost my 30week too :s
I finish work beginning of January 9th I think is my last official day but hopefully finishing on the 6th :)
I don't intend to go back hence the early finish,
Cant believe how far we have made it, blink and it flies by xx
Omg!!!! still hasnt sunk in there a baby growing inside....we go thru all the wrigglin jigglin n general discomfort.n seem t forget we r baking a baby spud......sooooooooo wish i knew pink or blue...which of h guys r still yellow.
Also hows everyone doin on the stretchmark front? Im soooo sicm of latherin up with oil....creams n potions twice a day.
Is everyone keepin up with thier skincare routine? xx
Hooray for 30 weeks! It seemed so far away at the beginning didn't it!?

my last day of work is January 27th, so I will be 38+2. I do have two weeks of vacation that I can use if I feel I can't work that long, but I have a desk job, and would prefer to save my time off for when my little cupcake is here :) I'm also worried I would go crazy sitting at home for a few weeks just waiting for here to arrive, especially if she ends up being late. The nice thing is that my doctor's office is in my office building, so if I do go into labour early, I can just run upstairs... Or have a coworker run upstairs haha!

As for skin care, I have just been using moisturizer every morning and most nights :)
I have a desk job too which is why I'm staying so late. I already had the first week of Feb booked off for DH's birthday so seemed a good time to finish :)

I have a few stretchmarks but they r all under bump so I can't see them! Lol!

And I have a very wriggly Pip this morning! Woke up 3 times in the night with him moving about, and he is going for it now too! He did his 10 movements by half 4 this morning! Lol! Gonna miss him moving about when he is here :( but I will get cuddles and kisses :D
Hey ladies.....been to see my friends 1week old tday...still hard t believe i have a have a lil gorgeypants in my tum like her. dnt tnk ill believe it till he/she is here!!!!
She said she couldnt have got thru her labour so easily without her tens machine. anyone else thought abt gettin one? or got one already??
I am totally excited for xmas....mg 3fave things......food....family n gifts....eeeeeek xxxx

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