30 weeks!


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May 4, 2010
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Can't believe we r three quarters of the way there! Hopefully ony another 10 weeks till I meet my little prince :love:

I think reality is finally starting to kick in, and the realisation that I'm actually gonna have a baby after all this time :dance:

Started panicking the other day I didnt have enough nappies so went and bought 2 boxes of them! It's made me feel slightly more prepared! Lol! Just waiting on the sales so we can get the last few bits then all I need is Pip to make an arrival :yay:

Hope all u ladies have a fabulous day :love:
Congrats hun ! Time will fly from now on I can't believe i've only 12 weeks left myself.....eeeekkkk !!!!
Yey! I'm just reaching the 30 week milestone too. I'm really getting excited now! I don't have any nappies yet - Time to get organised!
I was thinking this morning, tomorrow i'm 3/4's so Carly is 3/4's today =D
Eeeek, so exciting. :)
I'm sure it will fly by, until we are fully cooked then slow down again :(
Hope your well and pip is too. x
Another great milestone... Yay! :)
Yey for 30 weeks! Not long now babe

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Oh wow congrats for 30 Weeks hun, It is realy flying in now isnt it :)

Its still not properly hit me that im gonna own a person at the end of all this lol
Woo Hoo 30 Weeks unbelievable isn't it!!

You are so prepared i still haven't bought anything yet, can you believe it?! I'm completely unprepared. I keep thinking the appearance of little Chip is miles away but it's not really is it?

I have my moments of panic as i am so unprepared and i think i've been in denial that i am actually pregnant. No i too am almost 30 weeks i had better get by butt into gear and start the baby shop!!

Hubby is doing the nursery over our two week break over the xmas period - I just love the Kylie Minogue range in Next, it's so sweet. Then off to buy Cotbed, Moses basket, car seat and Pram in the January Sales. Luckily i know exactly what i want it's just a case of keeping an eye on it to see if the sales are kind to us?

Well done you for being so prepared, maybe i should of taken a leaf out of your book? ;)
Still got sheets/mattress/stand to buy for Moses basket, and cot and bedding to buy. As well as the bits to decorate to his nursery, and playmat and bouncer. So still got a bit to buy. And we need to paint his room and put his furniture together! Dont feel as organised as I wanna be! Lol!
Congratulations! I loved hitting the 30 week mark, made you feel like you're really nearly there... Then you blink and find yourself at 33 weeks lol in my head I'm still only 29 weeks haha x
Wahooooooo 30 weeks tomorrow....its going fast for me....onky 9days till I finishing work!!!! when r u guys finishing? xxxxx hugs xxxxx
Eeekk. Where has the time gone? I finish work at the end of December (not officially on Maternity leave till mid feb but have holiday to use up first) that is when I plan to do the decorating and stuff (painting already done) and got the moses basket bedding at the weekend so I think I now have all the essential stuff if LO is early. I don't have a cot yet but have plenty of time to get that. I'm trying to resist sorting out the clothes we've got and washing them and stuff for when I'm on leave so that I have something to do. I'm looking forward to not working but I think I'll be a bit lost without it until I have a baby to keep me occupied.
I will be 30 weeks on sat!!!!! So can't wait hopefully it will fly by then and I can't wait!!!!! Lol xxxx
Congratulations on completing 3/4 of the pregnancy journey!!!


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