28 weeks midwife appointment


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Jul 16, 2005
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I will see my midwife next week for my 28 weeks appointment, and as she has not been very helpful so far (never explained me anything / appointments were 10 min max!!!!), I just thought I could ask what I should expect from it.
I am fed up of always coming out of appointment frustrated and angry at myself for not asking any questions, so I want to be prepared for this one.

What is she supposed to check, and what information should she give me, or am I entitled to ask her?

please help me, I really want to feel happy with this appointment!

mel xx
You can ask whatever you want, their job is to offer full care and advice to expectant mothers.
My midwife usually tells me blood pressure, if my wee is ok, what babies measurements are and any other routine information.

Also i have to have Anti D injections as i am rhesus negative blood and Andy's normal blood, she explained that baby is more likely to be normal blood as well, so it prevents any complications of crossing blood etc.... Anyway when i went to have the first one, Andy asked loads of questions about it all, and my apoointment time ended up being 25 minutes long!! But she didn't mind because she would rather me know and be confident than non the wiser and sh***ting myself!!

If you have stuff to ask then you go for it!!!

:D :D
Hi Mel

I've seen my midwife every three weeks for at least half an hour so I've been very lucky.

She now checks my urine, checks the baby's heartbeat and measures my fundal height. At 27 weeks I had a blood test taken to make sure my iron levels were ok.

Difficult one with questions. I guess you could start to mention birth plans, follow up appointments and any worries you've be having (if you've been having them).

Stick a piece of paper up in your notes and every time you think of a question write it down. I had to do that because I only have a 2 second memory and would have lost the paper and forgotten the questions otherwise :lol:

Hope it goes well for you.

There is an actual page in my maternity notes for you to write stuff on, Doesn't everyone get that?

Midwife checks that each appointment.
She should have taken blood for iron levels by now.

I feel sorry for people that don't get much support, it's a worrying time enough without having the worry of whether you midwife is approachable. I am lucky as i have the midwife who delivered Amy, so i know her and she knows my circumstances.

If you are not happy with the care you have the right to ask for another midwife.

Don't let it get you down Hun.
Actually there is a page in my notes but I forgot that too :lol:
i had my 28 weeks appointment this morning. i guess each appointment is different but i'll just tell you how mine went:
urine check (all good), listen to heart beat ( i nearly cried), measured baby (she said it's a small baby, she MUST be wrong it feels sooo big) and blood test . then she asked for any questions, organised my first antenatal classes and saw me to the door...

i have to agree that it goes too fast and i always want to hear more :(

as for questions write them down when you think of them, if i hadn't i would still have quite a few things trotting around in my head!

can't wait to go back in two weeks even if it's just to hear I.E's heart.

good luck with yours and i hope all goes well!
take care
pip (and I.E who goes all shy with midwife..) xxx
What i usually do is write any questions down in my notes so that i remember to ask them. it is hard to think of questions when you are actually there.

amy i am a rhesus negative and my hubby is a rhesus positive but i havent had to have anti d with any of my children until after the birth.

I always write questions down on a peice of paper too inbetween appoinments as I know I will forget when I am there and come away frustrated.
Thanks a lot for your replies.

Usually, she checks my urine, my BP, listens to heartbeat, but does not tell the speed, and that's all.
She never checks my weight, never speaks about the size of the baby, nor my fundus height, has never asked about variscoses veins,(which I get a lot!), never spoke of a birthplan, nor about the position of the baby...well, maybe she can't really comment on that last one so early, I don't know!

I will make a list of the things I know I want to know, but as it is my firast baby, I am sure there are things I ignore everything about but would be happy to know!

I am rhesus negative and hubby is positive, and I know I will get the anti-D thing. she told me last time.

thanks again,
mel xx
Hi Davina

I didn't have it till after the birth with Amy but with this one apparently they give it to you at 28 weeks and 34 weeks!! Don't know why they have changed it.

I didn't realise i had had it after having Amy as i was out of it but i know this one hurt, it's stings like mad when it goes in.

I wonder if the areas are different then where midwifery procedures are concerned.

oh nooooooooooo, it hurts??!??! :oops: :oops: :oops:

I HATE injections, and I usually react quite badly to them!!
Does it only hurts when the needles goes n, mor even a few days later?
I have a meal out with my colleagues the next day, don't want to feel rubbish for it! :?

mel xx
Hi, at my midwife appts I had the same things as you, I was told baby's heartbeat was good, urine and bp normal etc. I was measured but have not been weighed since 16 weeks, I didn't think that midwives did this anymore. My midwife didn't tell me the position but when I asked she did, but did say that I was not to get too concerned about the position as they have plenty of time to move till about 36/37 weeks. She wouldn't even tell me how much baby is engaged by as everything was ok and baby was facing the right way and apparently it doesn't mean biorth is imminent (though I did get told by another midwife that head was engaged :D )I am seeing her next week for my 38 week appt and she is coming to my house to do my birth plan, this was only mentioned last time I saw her. I agree with everyone else if there is something you want to know just ask. Sorry but I don't know about the anti D injections but I hope that if you have to have them they are painless injections. :wink:

I have a mw appointment on the 8 December and i have written a note to ask about the vit D injection. My sil had two injections during her pregnancy in London 2 years ago, so i dont know why i havent had them.

Hi was feeling the same regarding the lackl of time and effort my midwife offered so I have swopped. I callled the hospital and explained I didnot feel over happy with her and that I really didn't feel comfortable and they said I could swop. So I have. Last week I saw my new midwife, who was very young but gave me loads of time. She answered alll my questions and many more as well as going over the birth plan and asking me lots of questions to see if I had any thoughts on things. It was brill, I felt fantastic when I came out. So my advice is SWOP. It can be good! :lol:
you can ask ur mw what ever is on ur mind. i dont ask my mw the questions goin on in my head and shes great!! but im seein her monday and write all the questions down so i cant forget

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