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Jul 27, 2005
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hi guys sorry i aint updated u before now but i havebeen in hospital all day!!

well my day started off i felt sick and faint and not very well, but thought i just got a bug, so i took B to have his jabs and my docs appoinment, still didnt feel well, i got thro B's jabs well enough and then whilst waiting for my appointment to see the doc i fainted and according to garry i was out for a while, when i came round i had really bad tummy cramps and felt like i was leaking from down there (sorry for tmi) so i went to the loo and there was a bit of blood, me being me started to panic and just kept crying im loosing my baby im loosing the baby. when i finally calmed down the doc did a pregnancy test came out positive - but i was so worried i was loosing my little pumpkin, i was still very upset and refused to leave the doctors till he told me i wasnt so he sent me for an emergency scan which sed im not loosing my babieS yeah im having twins i cant belive it im so scared but excited
garry n every1 are all in shock loll
love sarah braydon n the twins
congratulations !!!! at least u no why u thought u were showing this early lol

good luck
awww thanks everyone i hardley slept last nite i dont know if i was excited or nervous - poor garry hardley slept as braydon was up three times - makes a plesant change for me not to have to do :)

ahhh just thought its gonna be worse with 3
Wehhheyy nice one Sarah, congrats!
Glad everything is ok for you x
Crickey! Double trouble!! :lol:

Glad everything was ok at the hospital. xx
glad everyone is ok sarah!
congrats :D !!!! and good luck xx
wow amazing news, congratulations Sarah and all the very best hunny
Sarah you're going to give me a heart attack if you keep springing these posts on me!! Just got over you being pregnant again and now it's bloody twins!! :shock:

Have to say I don't envy you!! But do want lots of babies so at least you will have the pregnancy bit over and done with soon and then you can enjoy your kids growing up :D
nooo dont have a heart attack lol !!!

the thought of three kids under 1 is starting to freak me out
Bloody Hell Sarah!!!

I go offline sick for a few days and what happens????

You're further along and have 2 of them!!!!!
Many, many congratulations hunny!


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