1st Scan!!


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Apr 21, 2005
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Yesterday after sex I started to bleed, I become worried as I had only miscarried in April, and im still obviously v.early in pregnancy.
I spoke to my Dr who fitted me in yesterday afternoon, she fitted me in for a scan this morning to see how things are getting on.
It was a weird feling this morning, scared as it may not be good news, but scared to be excited just incase.
However when I got to EPAU (early pregnancy assessment unit) and was laid down for my scan, we firstly saw the sac, and then a tiny tiny heart beat, it was the best feeling in the world, my DF was gripping my hand, and we were so pleased we'd had some good news.
She confirmed that Im only 5 weeks, and Im due on 13th Feb. Still keeping everything crossed as it is still very early days, and I dont want to buy anything pregnancy related 'Just incase' I tempt fate, but think I desperately need some stretchmark cream, boobs have grown loads already, was already a dd cup LOL!!!!!
Well, take care, and look forward to reading your entries.
Love Hels xx
Hi Hels

So glad everything is ok. I also had some bleeding and went for an early scan at 7 weeks. It's so nice to see that little heartbeat isn't it!!

If you go onto tickerfactory and create your ticker, they give you some codes, cut and paste the second code into your signature. If that doesn't make sense let me know and I will try to explain better.

Hi Can any one tell me if my ticker is working?????
Dont think its working is it???
Help Kim!!!!
I Cut and then pasted it to the signiture part of my profile, isthis nearly right????!!!!
LOL, im a total technophobe!
Hi Hels

I think that you need to do is ignore the text upto http:/ and also put
after the text

Hopefully that'll work as that's what I did!

Great news on your scan by the way, bet you feel so much better after seeing the heartbeat.

Take care

Hi Hels,

Glad everything is ok for you - looks like were are about the same my due date is 12 feb so a day before you. I also went for my 1st scan this week but was told it was too early for a heartbeat it that right???

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