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  • Claire! I missed you hun! Foot pain? plantars wort? typing pedal? I'm gonna have to google that. How was your weekend?
    hey :)

    mehhhh, not really I have a really bad foot pain right now and put any weight on it atall its agony even rested so as you can imagine, its hard to do your secretarial typing duties when your foot is far too sore to put down on the typing pedal :(. I dont really bother with holidays, I was off work but busy with the flat. How about your easter? Did you get lots of eggs? xxxx
    I have just been on and seen your cats they are so cute.

    I love my cat she is great although yesterday morning i was late to work because she got herself stuck on the porch roof. We think she got out of the window and got stuck - we tried everything in the end my husband had to get a ladder our and go up and get her (in his pj) it was so funny - he did not see the funny side at the time!!!

    once we had got her down she just ran to her food bowl looked at us as if to say where is my breakfast!!!

    And i want a child to add to to mix!

    Hi russellmuscle,

    I am sorry i have not responded sooner i have only just found / seen it!!

    she is a she although we named her Rusty (we were told she was a little boy and when we found out could not change it!)

    I love her although she is a little trouble maker and now the weather is changing she is getting knots everywhere!

    We did have her sister but we lost her last year after she was hit by a car - i still miss her!

    have you got a picture of Suri?

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