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  • Well you learn something new I didn't know it used to be a bank. Always wondered why it was the Count House. I thought it was like an old building or library. :doh: aww what dogs you got? I've got 3 cats. I could collect them for days. I want a wee frenchie but OH says when there's no cats.

    Aw congratulations! How exciting. I was induced after 13 days had a brilliant experience though so not all end traumatically lol. Hope she does well and you get new born cuddles soon!!

    Thank you! Getting so bloody big. Shits about to get real because my size 12 jeggins didn't fit today. I still have a wee while, due October 3rd. I have a few weeks left in trimester 3 so have still just been saying I've got ages because it always drags at the end. Its flew in so far mind you.

    Lucky? Not sure of that :lol: Ill swap you. :p

    I went to see ASAP ROCKY and Wiz Khalifa. They are hiphop artists. I've been a few times once for a weekend just out n about and I've been to see Courteeners anddd was there a few year ago when Rangers football fans all came down and watched the games in the screens at picadilly etc.

    When are you next due up?

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