Will I go back to size 8??

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by manoosh, Jun 7, 2005.

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    Jun 7, 2005
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    Hi everybody

    My name is Mona, I am pregnant with my first baby - I am 16 weeks now which feels that they have been flying by and my baby is due on 25/11/05 which is a day after my birthday!!! i couldn't believe it when the blue cross on the test appeared and I kept checking for the next few hours in case it disappeared!!!! Then I showed it to my hubby with the instructions that came with it in case i misread it!!!! and he told me that he had a feeling that he's going to be a daddy!!!! it was so emotional and we couldn't go to sleep that night talking about the baby (couldn't explain the bags under my eyes the next at work!!!!!)

    My hubby and I are really thrilled and already planning the nursery and what we want to buy and decorate etc!!

    So far pregnancy has been good ie no sickness or anything although I do get the odd days were I feel dizzy and light headed and it doesn't help having to go across London in the underground and buses but what can I do!!

    My question is, I have always been quite fit and slim and I want to know whether it is possible to go back to how I was pre-pregnancy and what are the best exercises to get me back into shape and how long after birth can I start to exercise?

    Many thanks
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    May 31, 2005
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    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mona! cool to see you on here, nice to actually KNOW someone on here!!!! :D

    you are so lucky to be a size eight, i couldn't even dream about being a size 8 BEFORE i got pregnant let alone afterwards! lol

    we'll have to get back in shape together afterwards - i'll have to persuade you to join my gym!!!

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