When is best to test??


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Aug 13, 2005
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Hi Guys,

Just got back from a weeks holiday in Ireland, so have probably missed loads of news?! Just wondered how soon does the body release the pregnancy hormone? I was due on yesterday and I am still waiting :roll: I am normally regular as clock work apart from last month when I was two days early. Did a test about an hour ago and got a bfn :( I am getting the little niggles that I normally get, but have been running to the loo for the last week to be honest. Have thought I've had a few (probably imaginery) symptoms but as I am so willing this month to be a good one, just wondered if stress would delay the visit of af?
Hope you had a good holiday!!

when I got pregnant I tested on day 3 - I kinda knew when I didn't get my usual AF symptoms but I tested when it was 3 days overdue and it was +.

Try again tomorrow morning [first pee of day!]

good luck....
sorry dippy hun i thought af had come :shock: ive had af cramping since ovulation was totally shocked when i got my bfp im keeping everything crossed for you hunny really hope this is your month too like you said earlier we joined the forum at the same time would be really nice to be pg same time too :D
good luck hunny xxxxxxx
any sign yet dippy hun?
still got everything crossed for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Rach,

Tested this morning and got a bfn and just to make matters worse af arrived a couple of hours later :evil: Was beginning to get my hopes up as that's the latest I've ever been, but guess it's not my month, will do my best to join you in the June 2006 club though - all is not lost yet!! Thanks for your good wishes, hope you are keeing well love. xx
Sorry Dippy hope you get your BFP next mth
Lorrie x
oh dippy im so sorry hun big hugs to you xxxxxxx
Hope you get BFP next month!!
Let's go for it!!!!!!!!!!
I have just warned OH about lots more BDing next month! :lol:

Sam xx

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