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Discussion in 'High Risk Pregnancy' started by ebs6060, Mar 8, 2019.

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    I went in for an US after my last period which was 1/7. I was late in February and tested positive. I had a chemical pregnancy in early December so naturally I am worried. Here are the facts:

    My first US was on 3/1 and day one of my last period was 1/7. I know that we had intercourse between 1/25 and 1/28.

    Based on my last period I should have measured 7w3d but the US measured me at 6w4d. The heartbeat was 113 which the Dr. said was low for the 7w3d GA.

    Dr. expressed concern and I go back in 3/12. I have been experiencing all the lovely symptoms, very nauseous, very tired and occasional headaches. I will turn 35 in the fall and am very worried based on the concern of our Dr.

    Thank You
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    I wouldn’t be too worried myself. You’re only measuring a few days behind. Google tells me that’s a slow heartbeat for 7.5 weeks but not for 6.5 weeks (which is what you’re measuring anyway so it’s good for the heartbeat and measurements to be lining up). I think you’re in a good position for a healthy pregnancy x

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