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Jul 27, 2005
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i have worked out if Braydon has tea at 6 a bath at 8.30 out by 9 play for 30 mins and having a milk at 9 he will sleeep thro till 7.30 ISH but if i miss a part of this routine or go out by even 15 mins he could be up 3 -4 times a nite lol
i am hoping to start brinigng his routine slowely very slowely forward soon as he has been in the above routine for about a week so finger crossed!
just so weird how he is so strict with his routine he has always had a rough routine wen with me but he is very strict of the nite time routine
Aw sorry hun, I will reply!

it's great you have found something that works! :D
yay YAY yay kim loves me
so POOP to all u guys that dont
love u kim hunni
Hi Sarah!

I totally agree with you about routines. I am quite strict with Isaac and he is so settled I have no problems with him. The thing that really helped Isaac I think is getting him dressed in the morning as soon as he is up and getting him changed for bed just before his last bottle. We camped out last night and this morning we had left his cardigan outside the campervan in the rain so we left his sleepsuit on to keep him warm. Anyway he didnt seem himself all day and was very sleepy and we couldn't work out why then I realised it was because he had his sleepsuit on and he thought it was bedtime all day! Sounds ridiculous I know but as soon as we took it off he was full of beans!

well done with your routine and keep it up! :wink:

Lou :)
hehe i luv u sarah c im postin lol
well done braydon lol
luv braiana x
MMM might try being stricter with Ewans routine as he still wakes during the night or around 4 am for a bottle.
he geerally goes to bed around between 7-8 but some times he'll be wanting to go to bed at 6.30 so it messes everything up.
I don't bath hiom every night as he has eczema and bathing seems to dry his skin a bit too much.
Also have a fight brushing his teeth now!
Sarah u nutter :moon:

We all love ya :hug: That's great on the routine front. We r still struggling, Bex waking up 20 times a night, I blame the heat! :wink:
in future if i start a post about braydon sleep thro the nite will the mods please delete as i always jinx myself did the right routine for the last tewo nites both gone down at 11 up at 5 grrrrr

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