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tested again and


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Sep 4, 2007
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Well today I went on a pregnancy test shopping sprea :rotfl: I got a 3.99 test from wilkinson which gave me an invalid test didnt even complete doing what it's supposed to do and I got a couple of cheapies from there as well costing 1.99 and then I went to a chemist and also got a 4 day early 1st response kit. Came home and did a wee wee and tested on two sticks :rotfl: I tested on the cheapie and tested with the 1st response and this is what I got.

1st response test has a shadowy positive when looking at in in the bathroom as the light is brighter but really is just a shadow so I consider that a negative.

Cheap wilkinson test has a much darker shadow and can be seen in both bathroom and lounge lighting without straining eyes to much so I consider that a faint positive.

Suppose all I can do now is wait a few days and test again and carry on hoping???
Hello flower, you have been busy. You’re nearly as obsessed as me!!! Ha-ha good luck anyway hopefully you will have a BFP in a few days. I also tested this morning although I’m a few days early (I couldn’t resist) I got a BFN which now I’m really disappointed and wish I never bothered. So I’m going to try in a few days so fingers and toes crossed for the both of us. X
Why do we all do this to ourselves every month???

Every month we all test early because we can't wait and then spend ages trying to make our eyes see the line, which for most of us isn't there.... and then we're so dissapointed! Why can't we just wait?? We are silly :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Hope you get a 100% BFP in a few days, it's sounding very positive for you.

Good luck :hug: :hug:
I totally agree with you but clear blue result is as clear as well blue saying positive, I don't have to strain my eyes to see that one. The other two are also pretty clear in that it wouldnt hurt my eyes to see the positive results it's only the 1st response that you really have to look carefully to see the result but looking on google 1st response doesnt have the best results so I don't know.

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