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Feb 12, 2005
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Do any af you feel like people avoid you because all you do is complain about your pregnancy? I know that my dh ignores :roll: about 75% of what I am saying anymore. I think it would be fun to start a thread of all our bitches that no one cares about except us. :lol:
Here goes my list.
* I am sick of being fat.
* My complexion has gone to crap.
* I pee my pants every time I cough or sneeze( and of coarse I have a cold.)
* I miss wine so much! What I would give for a glass of wine, or maybe even two glasses. :lol: :lol: :lol:
* I can't sleep.
*When I do fall asleep I have horrible heartburn and wake right back up.
* Acid reflux that makes me puke. :x :x :x
* I have strech marks everywhere! Even places I didn't know you could get strech marks.
* And I am still waiting for my glow. I want to know why the heck the glow fairy skipped over me cause I certainly don't have a beautful glow about me.
* I can't stand to be around people :( . I would really like to be nice again.
* My Dh knows better then to even mention sex. It is a nice thing to talk about in the past tense, but I can't imagin wanting it any time soon. Isn't that so sad. :cry: :cry: :cry:
Here are a few of my complaints. I've got lots more but don't want you all to think I'm that big of a whiner! :lol: Hope you have fun getting every thing off your chests. I'm looking forward to reading them.
There was a thread kind of like this on another site and it was so great. Nobody held back, they just griped about every single last crappy part of pregnancy and it is one of the most popular threads right now. I guess misery loves company :D
hahaha im glad im not alone and i no every thing you mean. but people do avoid the question "how are you Dionne" cause my list of complaints are never ending lol.. aww well we are pregnant if we cannot get away with moaning now we will never be able too :wink:
but it does have its good sides too seeing something so special grow iside you :) im getting really excited now i cant wait
Hi Coley, I'm sick of being fat as well and I'm sick of finding fault with people...I've become so critical :( I can't sleep at night either (wide awake and baby never stops moving either) so darling I can relate!
Don't worry about the glow rubbish....It's an urban myth! I am yet to see a woman in her third trimester who doesnt look bloated,tired,uncomfortable and fat :p I do think however its natural and normal and don't be so hard on yourself. Who says you have to be gorgeous and glowing when your pregnant. I know some celebrities look amazing when pregnant but so would you if had designer maternity clothes, weekly facials,manicures and massages and a full make up and hair service everytime you stepped out in public. If you are feeling really yuk why dont you treat yourself to a trip to the hairdresser or beauty salon for a facial or eyebrow shape/lash tint. I am 30 weeks and I did that this week and I feel so much better. Also dont worry about sex....I doubt many people still have a high sex drive in the third trimester and they say it comes back about 4 months after the baby is born. He will just have wait! I hope you start feeling abit better soon. I was feeling alot worse until this week when I had the mini makeover and caught up with some lovely friends and just enjoyed their company over a fancy lunch. Take the time to treat yourself abit at the moment,pretty soon you are going to be so busy looking after the baby and the house and the husband you will have very little time for yourself. Indulge girl and dont feel guilty!!
*I hate all skinny/gorgeous people. I don't feel as though I should have to be subjected to any of them (on t.v. or in real life) :lol:
*I think I have a foot or something permanentally stuck in my rib-cute?- I dont think so!
*I cant stand it when people say "I just loooved being pregnant"
*I am soooo scared to find out how long its really gonna take for me to lose all the extra weight-I'm pretty sure I'm more than "just baby"

I think that's all for now-thanks for letting me vent. Ahhh I feel better!
What annoys me is the endless "Ooh I was much bigger/smaller/better et.c when I was pregnant..." comments. I don't really care how big they were!! And th "i worked till 38/39 weeks" comments too.

I'm not trying to be superwoman, I just want to have a baby and tight now it's hard bloomin work!

Ooh that feel better to get it off my chest :D
I am not in my third trimester yet but oh boy do I have some complaints, I am 22 and in the Navy so most of these will apply to that kind of life:
-I hate standing in formation for 45 minutes almost ready passout when the doctor wrote a letter that clearly stated "no standing longer than 15 minutes" but who cares about that right?
-I hate these maternity uniforms, ya know the only fashion maternity clothes with the big front panel and big baggy balloon shirt, well thats what we have to wear, oh so stylish.
-I hate having skin breakouts all over my face, my back, and my chest.
-I hate that no matter how much I wash my hair(sometimes three times a day) my lovely short short hair is still greasy!
-I hate that my Daddy doesn't want to except the fact that his baby girl is pregnant, if he does you all know what else he'll have to except(that OMG my daughter she has been married for three years, I didn't think she was having sex.)
-Last but not least I hate it when I come home from work and my husband asks me to do stuff when all I want to do is vedge, but he has been stuck in the house all day, so I kind of feel like I HAVE to go out.
Now that I have complained, I would like to say somethings I like:
-I like that every hour or so I feel a little "hello" from my Peanut just letting me know he/she is still there.
-I love it when my husband rubs my belly and says hello to Peanut.
-I love to go out in public in my fashionable materinity clothes that my Mommy bought me.
-I love when I can spend money and I love when Mommy spends money on me and Peanut.
-I love it when my Mommy asks me how her little angel is(definatly NOT meaning me).
-And most of all I love this little human growing inside of me.
As much as I complain, is as much as I am looking forward to his/her arrival.
BTW: I am VERY VERY VERY close to my Mommy. She is my best friend in the whole world.
- I hate that my lingerie doesn't fit anymore
- I hate it when people say "show me your belly"
- I hate it when people try to touch my belly
- I hate the people who fit into the clothes I used to
- I hate it that maternity clothes are insanely expensive at the only half-decent store in my city.
- I hate it when people ignore me or try to run away when i start to complain.
- I hate it that I can't remember anything and I always bump into things
- I hate feeling immobile, unsexy, fat, tired and mad all the time!

...but... I do love my baby!
Good point Claire! Good thing to keep in mind. I love my baby too. It sure does feel good to complain though. And no kidding about the lingerie not fitting!!
Ahhh...A good moan is just what I need

I hate being spotty all the time and looking like I haven't slept in weeks (I haven't!)
I hate feeling like my ribs are in a vice and never being able to get comfy
I hate that every time I lie down to relax I get heartburn
I hate having to go to work and sit at my desk all day feeling crap and disinterested. I just want to leave work now.
I hate the way that I have to tell people I'm fine all the time bacause I don't want to feel like a moaner
I hate the bitch at work who keeps telling me how much wieght she is losing on her diet and smiling as she asks me how much I've gained.
I hate the (same) bitch at work who keeps asking me if I'm okay with a very serious face and telling me I look pale and tired. Just what I need to hear.
I hate it that every time I open my mouth to complain about anything, my mother reminds me that "you're not ill you know" and "In my day I had to walk three miles to work when I was pregnant and blah blah blah"
I hate how fat I have become
I hate that I can't reach to shave my legs and I can't see myself to do my bikini line
But.....I adore my little angel inside me and her little wriggles make me feel like it's all worth it...
Rahhh, well I wanna let of steam cause Im sitting at work and my boss is . . . well I cant say cause I will be booted off for using obscene language. I hate that I am tied to my job that I hate cause I wouldnt be able to get another one cause Im pregnant, plus I need to stay on to get my maternety leave, but trust me Im leaving as soon as I can and Im counting down the weeks.
Secondly I hate the way people keep comenting on my size, the thought of never getting my figure back worrys me enough as it is without people commenting on 'how big I am already' my mother telling me I shouldnt be showing till Im 5 months is utter cr@p this babay is currently 20cm head to bum where is it ment to go!!!!! :shock:

Ah I feel better now
Ok now that I am in the 3rd trimester and have a grasp on pregnancy I can truly post.
-I hate my back pain.
-I hate that my husband after finally finding a job is about 200 miles away from me.
-I hate heartburn.
-I hate haveing to pee and when I get there all I get is a trickle.
-I hate brackston hicks, "they are not painful" SAYS WHO?
-I hate it when my cats think my belly is a mountain to crawl on, it hurts.
-I hate being moody all the time and yelling at people for no reason.
-I hate the work I do right now, its not in my job discription.
-I hate working with all men who have NO IDEA how I feel and tell me to shut up when I say I can't do something because my back hurts.
Hooray! A post for me to smile at!
I hate all the people who don't show manners around us pregnant women. Walking down the road in the blistering heat is a feat in itself when you are feeling quite frankly as fat as a house and sweating for England. But when these ignorant pillocks just walk right into you and let the door just swing right at you it makes me feel like shouting at the top of my voice "I HATE YOU ALL!!!!" :shock:
:oops: Gosh it really does make you feel better to get it out in the open :twisted:
Hi how funny is this thread!?

However i'm not PG after 15 moths trying and would give anything to be 'too fat', 'poked in the ribs' tired and sick' etc etc

but personally i hate 'youve got that lovely new house now whens the baby coming???' and 'it'll happen in its own time', and 'dont worry i tried for ages, a whole 2 months' AAAAAHHHHH, i'm going mad TTC!

oh well i'll keep TTC but at least this thread cheered me up. 8)
:D :D :D hello to u all :D :D :D

i am not gonna even get started cos i will be sat here until........ well probably til the baby arrives! :lol:

i am glad it`s not just happening to me! i feel like such a miserable cow at the moment!!!! :(

mind u this post did cheer me up so much, i am sat her cuckling away to myself!!!!!! :D :) :lol: :D :) :lol:

i suppose all i can say is hopefully it will wear off when all the babies arrive! which may i add i am hoping mine won`t be too long now! :roll:

anyway u all take care!
lots of love
stacey and bigbump
This seems to make everyone else feel better, so I'll go ahead...

~I hate being huge and uncomfortable (all day and night)
~I hate when people think my big tummy is an invitation for them to touch it or as for one of my friends kiss it (even worse!!!)
~I hate when people get so close to me to talk to the baby when I cant even get a good breath of fresh air. (as if im not closterphobic enough!!!).
~I hate the ugly stretch marks that I have (even though I have used every type of cocoa butter I can find).
~I hate being pissed off 95% of my days.
~I hate being so exhausted at work that I feel like throwing in the towel!!!
~I hate that I cant get 10 minutes of sleep without having to pee and feeling crampy.
~I hate how the days go by soooo slow. ( I want to see my baby)

But just like the rest of you have said...I love my baby girl and Im sure in the end this will seem so petty.... :lol:
What a great thread, i think most of these have been said but here goes;

  • Coping in this heat
    Can't get comfortable - day or night
    Feel like I have been pregnant for years
    Can't sleep
    Wake up every 1 hour for a wee
    Wake up with heartburn
    My crazy emotions
    My sore boobies
    kicking in the ribs
    Maternity clothes

It's been a hard slog but I am nearly there :)

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