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Still leaking!


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Jan 25, 2007
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are you fully breastfeeding? if you are then i would say its perfectly normal, i had ryan 11 weeks ago and mine still leak and i only breastfeed him once a day xx
i would have thought your milk would have well dried up
by now hun, your doctor can give you something
to dry the milk up! you can use cabbage leaves to ease them if
they hurt and i think that helps dry out the milk too..not sure though!
I bottlefed and my boobs didnt dry fully till imogen was 4 months plus.
You must be going crazy babes. :hug:

I wanted to try breast feeding Adam, but was unable as I never produced any milk at all. :(

I was so glad to get rid of the granny bras after I gave birth, but I miss my big boobs now and would love to have them back.
mrs_tommo22 said:
I bottlefed and my boobs didnt dry fully till imogen was 4 months plus.

wow, i didnt realise it could last as long as that!
boobies are amazing :cheer:
i was breastfeeding for a week and then i was put
on antibiotics for a week- by the end of the week my milk had
almost dried up, after about 8-10 days it was all gone!
gutted coz i wanted to try and breastfeed again :(
I didn't breastfeed at all and I was leaking for about 3 months. I was scared to go out without pads on for ages!
I bottle fed and i think my boobs tried up in about a week... :|

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