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Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by Shazza86, Mar 8, 2016.

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    Hi gorgeous ladies (and gents?),

    Now when hubby and I 'do the deed', it always ends up being quite boring and routine and it's always me nagging him saying 'tonight we have to try' or 'I'm fertile so we have to do it before I ovulate' etc etc. I'm sure many of you are familiar with this, and it happens every month and he ends up getting annoyed that I have to make it into a chore!

    I want to make a change, and just do something really sexy. I do dress up in outfits and we try and use vibrators etc, but is there anything we can do? I bought some 'stripper' dresses and stockings and thought I might give him a sensual massage or do a strip/lap dance, but scared I might end up looking silly as I'm naturally not a great tease lol, and also the major fact that he will end up laughing!!

    We're going out for dinner after work today, so I hope to go home and not worry about cooking... just have a shower and do our thing (but I have to get him in the mood)!!

    Help please!!! xxxx
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    I think even if you end up laughing that isn't a bad thing, keeping things fun is always good.

    My oh is quite keen on dressing up, nice underwear & stockings etc. We also mix up where we dtd, so even simple things like other rooms in the house adds a different feel to it.

    We dtd pretty much whenever we want throughout the cycle, but I do warn him when fertile week is and we make sure to dtd every day that week. He is ok with knowing, in fact he likes to know we are doing our best to get pg but if he felt the pressure too much I wouldn't tell him.

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