Avoiding Things When TTC?


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Apr 17, 2005
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I was just wondering if people are avoiding certain things incase they are pg - ie sunbeds and situps etc.

I'm going on holiday in June and I wanted to go on he sunbed a little first and tone up but i'm worried incase I fall pg and it might cause problems.

Vicky xx

I have heard that you shouldnt use sunbeds while pregnant but I think sit ups are ok. Natural sun is ok, but I wouldnt use a sun bed if you think you might be pregnant just to be safe. I'm no expert but hope I have helped a little...

Kim xx
I too like to use the sunbeds but have stopped using them as much since I have been TTC. I only go on when I know I am defo not PG so when my Af has turned up, then I stop during the month as I know that they advise you not to if PG.
Yeah that's alot of help! Thanks :)

Have you stopped eating certain foods aswell?
The 'dodgy' foods I know you are supposed to avoid in the 1st 3 months of pregnancy - although not sure if it means you need to avoid whilst trying :?: are things like:

Soft eggs (i.e. yolk to be cooked fully however you have them)
Soft cheeses (Brie, Camembert etc.)

Also you are supposed to avoid liver and pate when PG as it contains too much iron.

Kim xx
Hi again

No I haven't started to avoid foods as such although I have heard that the foods which others have mentioned should be avoided when actually PG. I have started to eat healthier since TTC and have also cut down on alcohol, however DH and I went out on Sat night for a meal and ended up staying out for drinks till late and since I was on Af I had a fair few vodkas!!!!
Haha how many is a fair few :wink:

I hadn't heard about liver and pate but i don't like those anyway :D

Does feta count amongst the soft cheeses?? I hope not :(
Unfortunately Feta is off the menu too - but as I said this is more for when preggers rather than trying.

The reason being certain foods (soft cheeses and deli meats in particular) can become contaminated with a bacteria called Listeria - which if you become sick with, can also be transmitted to the baby you are carrying.

Pasturisation kills this bacteria, which is why hard cheeses and fully cooked meats are safe.
Okay....does cottage cheese count as a soft cheese? I am sitting here stuffing my face with and just read that I should be avoiding it possibly!!! AF is due in six days, but hopefully I will be late and get a BFP next week instead. Should I give up the cottage cheese?
Hi Moonpiesb,

To be honest I think cottage cheese should be totally avoided, just on the basis that it looks & smells like vomit! :lol: :lol: ....... but that's just my personal opinion!! I can't stand the stuff :roll:

But seriously - cottage chesse is FINE because it's pasturised - as is cream cheeses like dairylea & laughing cow

Attached is a link to a list of foods - advising what's safe & what's not:

Thank you so much for the link. It was very helpful.

I LOVE cottage cheese. When I was younger I felt the same way you do, but over the years I have aquired a taste for it. I like it for breakfast (on toast), I like it for lunch as a side dish (with black pepper sprinkled on top of it), and as a dessert (mixed with a package of flavored gelatin {Jello}, a bowl of whipped topping {Cool Whip}, and a can of {drained} mandarin oranges). It almost sounds as though I am obssessed with it. :shock: Actually, I am not, but I do enjoy it from time to time. :wink:
as o type i am eating cottage cheese on crackers mmmmmmmmmm luvley jubbley

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