sorry a yucky discharge question

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Apr 27, 2005
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sorry for this question but has anyone experienced any discharge. i have just noticed it. it's white but not smelly sorry i know its tmi

Yep I've had a little bit for weeks now and I've noticed it has increased the further gone I've got. As long as it doesn't smell or change colour then it's normal. I wear panty liners everyday to keep myself fresh now.
Horrible isn't it!!
i know, i never had anything like this with my first two. i am going shopping with hubby after work, two guesses what i will be buying.

oh the joys of being pregnant and leaking lol
I too am wearing always alldays every day!!

Oh the joys of pregnancy!!!
Had it since I found out I was pregnant :( Fed up with it now and wearing panty liners :(
just to add to the joys. my sil had to wear them for years after. it is only recently that she had her womb (think this is correct) pushed up into place with what looked like a long stick. (urgh).
That sounds very odd !! :shock: Can I ask why it needed pushing back up into place?
after three children naturally she found that she leaked all the time, sometimes quite heavily. i am sure that it was her womb that had tilted, but she didnt need an operation luckily, they just froze it and then pushed it back up. she said it was like a bad period pain afterwards.
That sounds awful . . .

I hope all is ok with your sister now! I would hope that this kind of thing doesn't happen to any of us, I imagine it would be quite frustrating.


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