Sick baby but gaining weight

Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by fluffycat, Nov 4, 2016.

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    Hi ladies, needing some help as I think I'm losing my sanity!!

    My son is 17 weeks old and from day one has been sick lots and lots. He is sick during bottles, projectile and out his nose as well. He is sick straight after his bottle when winding him. He is sick hours after his bottles when you think he is happy playing in his chair.have tried giving him solids on advice of health visitor ie porridge, baby rice, sweet potatoe, apple... if he dosnt gag on it straight away he swallows it and pukes it minutes later. I am at the end of my tether....He fusses constantly, burps and sicks constantly.

    I am finding it a bit hard to cope with (especially since I have a 20 month toddler as well) thing is though, he is putting on weight, goodness knows how, and health visitor reckons the doctor won't help since his weight chart looks fine.

    Any ideas of what I could try? I have just changed his milk today from aptamil to hipp to see if that helps.
    He is also using Dr Brown bottles and has tried gaviscon but it made him worse!

    Health visitor is making me feel bad for wanting to take him to Gp....She says it shouldn't bother me if he is putting on weight.

    Please help a desperate mummy
    Thanks in advance
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    If he is constantly fussy and windy I'd have him checked by a lactation consultant for tongue tie. This is undiagnosed so often and causes huge amounts of feeding problems and baby to be unsettled. My sons feeding was awful until 13 weeks when he was diagnosed. He fed a lot more normally and was a lot more settled after it was snipped. I have to say though, he was a very sicky baby and this continued, it wasn't unusual did him to be sick 3/4/5 times after every feed and often a couple of hours later when you think you're safe. There was no reason for this and he just grew out of it.

    Don't let your hv make you feel bad, you're his mum and if you feel something is wrong it's your job to try and get to the bottom of it xx

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    Just let your health visiting service know you want a different health visitor for making you feel bad! Just take him to docs have ph of breath checked for reflux, rule out tongue tie and cmpa. My son was like this, teething was one big thing that caused him to do this more or less constantly on top of something else we've never got answers to as he eventually grew out of it by the time he was 2! But my doc was proper useless and just gave me some gaviscon to try.. weaning didnt help with us either. We also have a massive speech delay which always made me wonder if it was in connection with one another but I was too late trying to rule some parts out like tongue tie x

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    I say this all the time, I know, but please get your LO checked for reflux!

    Also agree that it sounds very like tongue tie

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