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Self Employed


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Jan 6, 2011
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Hi Ladies,

Im a fairly Newbie and TTC.

Im self employed as title states and totally clueless as to what I/ we are entitled to as a married couple if anything?! (My partner is in full time work) Its a worry as have agreed some basic maternity pay with other partners for 3 months but then thats it. Some one told me I can get statutory materinty pay?! Im totally clueless tried to look on gov website but seems to be all about if employed or out of work.

Many thanks in advance.
Hmmm I would have thought that there would be a self employed thing on there, you are probably entitled to maternity allowance, but I'm not sure how much this is or whatever, maybe google it? X
I don't know as I'm not self employed but the Directgov website is good :)
Have you got an Emma's diary? It's all in there. It's MA you're entitled to not SMP. same amount but you don't get the 90% pay for the first six weeks.
Maternity allowance is the same as maternity pay its just from govt instead of ur employer n is the same rate, until april 11 its £124.88 a week

There was a lady in tri3 wbo was self employed im sure it was emma, might b worth a msg to her for advice?

Good luck. Xxx
Fabulous thanks now I know what its called i can have a little google and see what I can find! I thought might have to claim but didnt know how.

Whats an Emma's Diary??

Thanks and sorry if Im being silly!
Hiya,I'm self employed and entitled to mat allowance-it's approx 125 a week payable fornightly or 4 weekly. U have to have been payin ni contributions for 26 weeks in the 66 weeks b4 ur due date. U can claim from 29 weeks but is upto u,it takes approx 3 weeks fir them to sort out. I got mine approved b4 I started mat leave then they sent me a form to fill in And send off the day after I finished work. Xx
Hi Just wanted to say thanks for the advice and helps clears my confusion up somewhat now :)
I,m self employed and I think its terrible that all we get is that much maternity allowance. It wont even pay my rent .Are there no other benefits?How are you expected to live in london on £124 a week
I wonder whether its better to become unemployed at this time ...
Anyone have any advice
I get what you mean, Ive yet to see any advantage of being self employed if anything more arkward with tax returns etc. I dont know how it works if you were to become un employed though?!
I completely agree smiler, once I've paid the businesses weekly overheads, such as rent of business premises, business rates, advertising, amenities, professional fees etc etc, I will actually have nothing left of the MA and be approx £50 in debt. So obviously that leaves me with zilch to live off. I'm trying not to worry about because theres nothing I can do about it, but its clear that I will not be able to take leave. being self employed whilst pregnant is definately not the best option :wall2:

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