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May 16, 2005
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Hi everyone, just joined the site and wanted to say hello! I'm kellie, I'm from Kent and we've been trying to concieve since christmas. If you've got room for one more, I'd love to get to know you all! Lots of good luck to everyone ttc and I've got my fingers crossed for anyone who's waiting to test. luv kel :)
Hi Kell!

Welcome to this site. Of course we have room for 1 more... Good Luck with testing.. When are you duee to test?
Love Danielle and Bubble xx
Hey dani and thanks for the welcome! I'm due to test next friday (27th) that's if AF doesn't show....fingers crossed! luv kel
Big congrats on your pregnancy too! Hope all is good and you're feeling ok :eek:)
Good Luck for testing on Friday! I hope you get a BFP test..
Yes I am so glad and exited that I am pregnant, but I am not too well... I am finding It hard to keep a great deal of food down and I am being sick all the time.. I have had sickness since 4 1/2 pregnant and I am sick of It now... It seems like I have been Ill forever.. But I suppose that a good bundle of Joy will come out of It. LOL

Love Danielle and Bubble xx

P.S Do you think that It Is too early to have names picked out? I jsut could not help myself xx
Thanks, I hope I get my BFP too, keep everything crossed for me, I can't have too much good luck can I?! lol. No I don't think it's too early to pick your baby names, I would be exactly the same! Sorry your not feeling great, the sickness is supposed to subside by 12 weeks but everyone is different, I hope it stops soon! :) were you trying for long?
I 1st fell pregnant In Dec and miscarried on Jan 26th this year ( gutted )... had a period on Feb 26th... then that was it did not get my AF in march... qiut easy actuall. I also used the fertility friend ovulation chart on the internet tooo. I guess it was just a miracle really...
Do u mind me asking where you are from and how old are u?

Love Danielle and Bubble xx
I don't mind at can ask me anything you like! I'm 21 and I'm from Kent, how about you? I'm sorry for your loss, I miscarried myself when I was 17, and although it was 4 years ago it sometimes feels like last week. I'm sure this pregnancy will be happy and healthy for you, and you will have your little one with you before you know it! :)
I don't know where Kent is.. Not very clued up on places LOL. I hope this pregnancy goes fine......Love Danielle and Bubble xx
Lol, well where I am in Kent is about 45 mins-1 hour away from London if that helps any. Will this be your first baby? Please e-mail or pm me anytime if you ever want to. luv kel
I still don't know where that Is... My dad lives in London. But I never go there. LOL
This will be my 1st baby and I ams o exited... I jsut can't wait.
My email address is [email protected]
just email me if u wanna chat! I will keep all my fingers and toes crossed for you on Friday!
Love Danielle and Bubble xx
I just wanted to say welcome to the board and good luck TTC!

BABY DUST TO US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks moonpies! and good luck to are you getting on?I will be testing next friday, how about u? luv kel
I am doing just fine....still too early in the morning to know any better....
I am using a sperm donor to TTC (IUI), and decided to take the month off, so I am enjoying the stress free-ness as much as I can....that way I will hopefully be more relaxed next month. Glad you joined us!!

Hi Moonpiesb

I am reading a book at the moment called MISCONCEPTIONS. It's quite funny with a serious side. It's about 3 woman in their mid 30's who are best friends. One is married on on her second child. The other 2 are single but desperate to start a family. Between the 3 of them they decide that the married one will ask her husband to become a sperm donor. Which he does and they all become mothers. The funny part is how they do it (the turkey baster!) But now there is a twist coming into it. It seems the father (sperm donor) wants to contol all 3 woman. His wife and one of the woman seem to be under his spell, the other woman has gone into hiding to give birth to her baby without him being around. All 3 woman are turning against each other...... Just thought you might find it a good read.. i can't put it down... I'm not sure of the author - i'll have a look at the cover tongight when i get home from work.
Hello and welcome Kellie from another Kelly. You are not all that far from me i'm in the New Forest. I havent been on the site for long but have been TTC for 13 months. I simply didnt realise such a thing as a pregnancy forum existed i'm normally addicted to the equine chatroom and forums as i'm horsey i'm afraid. But this place is great and not i'm addicted!

:lol: :lol:

My AF is due this weekend so i'll keep my fingers crossed that it's my turn this month!

Good luck and BABY DUST to all! :D
Hayley, I would love to read that book. Sounds like it is good. Let me know who the author is and I will go get it.


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