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Pictures of Jeremy Keith Blake


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Oct 9, 2007
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sorry they're so big!

What an incredible little boy!! He is gorgeous!

You must be so proud of him, in his three weeks of life he has already battled more than most people! What a star!!!
Oh how gorgeous is he. So tiny but obviously a little fighter. :hug:
awwwww hun! he is so so tiny and perfect ..... and his little ears are soooo sweet!! aww thats made me go all gooey :D :D :D well done he is just gorgeous :D

What fabulous pics, he is absolutely beautiful.
What a gorgeous, brave wonderful little boy. I'm so happy for you that you got to have a cuddle. Your OH looks so proud, bless him!

Thinking & praying for you & your little family. :hug:
OI!! You said pictures I want another one!

He is gorgeous and you look beautiful - how the hell do you manage to look like that stressed?

I know it's dead cheeky but.....

any chance of some more?
WHOOPS!! Just realised I needed to scroll across... DOH! :doh:

He is lovely and your OH does look uber proud, with good reason too.
i wish i could see the pics!! so glad he is doing ok :hug:
Thank you so much Jen for sharing them with us hes so small but gorgeous. :D He looks like a little fighter :D.
Oh Jen, I'm so glad you finally got to have a cuddle. He's a fighter and you and OH look great. Hang in there honey, you'll have little man home before you know it!!!.
Oh my goodness, big pics, little man! He is SOOO cute!

You look really happy on that pic Jen!

Best of luck to little Jeremy, we're all rooting for him here.
hes soooooooo cute! You must be very proud of your little man, he's gorgeous :hug: :cheer:
What a beautiful little boy you've got, he's amazing. :hug:
What hospital is he in if you don't mind me asking? :)
Awwww little toot!!!

Soo lovely and you and Daddy look so proud of your little boy xx

awwwwwwwww how precious is he

u must be sooooo proud, a true fighter, u all look so happy, best of luck for the future xx

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