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Nov 17, 2007
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HI all just wondered if you could help me. I have never noticed any EWCM and very rarely have any CM each month. I am worried that I may not be ovulating.

AF showed her ugly face on the 2nd December so should I be ovulating soon?? P.S I did buy some OPKs but threw them out by accident (long story).

I would be grateful for any advice as I’m getting so frustrated with all this. Ha-ha

Thanks LOU.
So you are on Day 10 now.....
How long are your cycles? Do you know? as that will make a difference as to when you ovulate - Some people with 28 day cycles ovulate around day 14, but that is not always the case - last month I had a 30 day cycle but didnt ovulate until day 20.

Your luteal phase is usually about the same length, but until you find out when you def. ov at least once then you cant really work that out... you could just BD every other day from now, or invest in some more OPKs as its difficult to tell for definite when you are ov without some sort of test.
i dnt get much cm either so i try and bd the week after AF and the 2nd week and hopefully done enuff. I think youre body tells u when to try to meanin if you find yourself wanting to jump on your OH hehe good luck

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