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Mar 16, 2005
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I'm starting to think about childcare for when I return to work (how depressing - I haven't even left yet), as some of the nurseries around us can get booked up to 6 months in advance!!

Does anyone know of any good websites which review Childcare/nurseries? Who regulates them - is it Ofsted or is that older schools?

Also, can anyone recommend a checklist of things to look for/questions to ask etc...?

I would be very grateful for any help

Hi Hun,

Go on the ofsted website, they have all the reviews on the nurseries in your area, they have to follow a curriculum as do schools,
They put positive and negative comments on there which is good, so you can see the pro's and con's

Hope this helps

feel like a promoter about this place.. but try surestart. search for it on google. its goverment run and they do loads of free stuff for families (and no u dont have to b on benifits!) the childcare is affordable and they do some goos stuff with the kids. my local service is great and even has a bus that can can u pick u up to take the little ones if u dont drive... and they do day trips too!
I'm interested in surestart and have the phone number of the one near me but I don't know what to say when I ring up, I don't really know what I want from them or even if I'm entitled to anything, it just sounds really good.

Take a look round a few places and go with your gut instinct and what feels right for your child.

We opted for very structured daycare in a large university pre-school for Daniel - he's always been very fussy. Callum went to a childminder who was active in the community (toddler groups, playgroup) - he gets bored easily so keeping him busy was top priority. Charlotte went to the nursery attached to the local school - she's always been clingy so we wanted to make the school transition as stress free as possible.

I worried for ages about sending Daniel to daycare at 3 months old, and looked round loads of places but he didn't seem to look comfortable in any. We tried the university one as a last resort and he settled straight away.

Tracy xx
kim... just ask them to send you information about their nursery/creche and a timetable of things that they do... and ask for a joining form... hope this helps
Thanks everyone. I'll definitely check Ofsted and Surestart. I've also got an appointment to see one nursery on Thursday - my MIL is coming wiht me which is good - I'm rubbish doing this sort of thing on my own!


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