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New Year plans?


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Nov 5, 2006
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Hi Guys!

Dont know if any one remembers me lol? I randomly come on now and then but mainly browse for info etc and for help with little one but i thought id ask... especially those with babies under one ...what their new year plans are?

We normally have a big party at ours or to go to one but im worried about scarlett and it all being too much- noise,commotion, drinking etc so i thought id get general opinion on how to handle new year parties with babys and what are you doing this new year??

Love to all, and new mommas!!
We are staying in and having a couple of neighbours over for a few quiet drinks...such a difference from the days when I used to go out and spend hundreds of pounds drinking then throwing it up down some alleyway :roll:
Well I've never had a party with a baby however I DO know my mum and dad used to have partys when i was a nipper and ppl would bring babys they were very good and the music never used to bother them.

I think as long as u check on them reg and have those walkie talkie things.

If you're talking about having a big ol rave with about 60+ peeps, banging techo, fireworks, drug taking, strip poker, might be an idea to give it a swerve ;) lol
im having a party, we have one every yr. my LO is very used to loud music as its the norm when im cleaning lol and a few ppl atre bringing their babies too so its not like ill be the only one. the only problem i have got is cleaning the whole house and preparing food on the day with 2 kids mite be a struggle but then again what are men for? lol

Quiet one for me Im afraid, with a newborn too much like hard work !
I will make up for it next year though, lol

Also need to be compus mentus (sp?) for the night feeds and changing....
Im beginning to sound like a pensioner lol

What are all you peeps up to ???

We were going to my sister inlaws but it has been cancelled cuz her hubbie is poorly. We were taking our little one and staying over. its now back to a quiet night in with a bottle of wine and a takeaway.

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